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Concurrent Session – Understanding, Maximising and Leveraging Innovative Social Media Practices in Recruitment and Employer Branding

With 10 million Australians on facebook and 2 million on LinkedIn, Australia has been declared the social networking capital of the world. Digital and social media has dramatically shifted the recruitment landscape by allowing us to attract and engage with target audiences on various communication platforms.  Sites such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn are allowing us to more creatively connect with people, while candidates are increasingly turning toward these tools to learn about organisations and the positions they have available. As such, it’s imperative that recruitment companies form an online recruitment strategy. Explore:

• How to build, manage and maintain an online talent community
• Fostering a sense of innovation in your employer branding message
• Social media governance: understanding the boundaries
• Mobile phones: recruitment on the go
• Recruitment company case studies
• How to measure social media recruitment

With 10 million Australians on facebook and 2 million on LinkedIn, social media cannot be ignored any longer. Social media has shifted the recruitment landscape by connecting candidates, recruiters and jobs on platforms such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. Candidates are increasingly turning towards these tools to learn about organisations and to find jobs and career opportunities.


Mariah holds a masters degree in Journalism & Communications from the University of New South Wales. By utilising social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, she has successfully placed candidates in some of Australia’s leading companies. Realising the significance of these sites in the recruitment space, she joined the JXT Consulting team to help recruiters and HR managers implement social media strategies of their own, using the combined forces of JXT’s powerful job board technology, SEO techniques and mobile site development.

Mariah has spoken at various workshops and conferences, including the ATC Social Media Conference, where she led an unconference session on search and social, and the HR Summit 2011, where she was a main conference speaker on the topic of understanding, maximising and leveraging social media in recruitment and employer branding.

With more than 10 million Australians on facebook and 2 million on LinkedIn, social media and social recruiting strategies have become hot topics of 2011, with candidates increasingly turning toward these platforms in their search for a job. Mariah has designed & developed more than 200 social media profiles and has helped companies all over Australia utilise social media platforms in the recruitment space, including HR corporates, SMEs and some of the largest recruitment agencies in the country.
Many recruitment companies and HR divisions have spoken about implementing social recruiting strategies, but haven’t had the knowledge or resources to do so. Mariah works around the clock in the social recruiting space, implementing marketing and recruiting strategies across facebook, twitter and LinkedIn for JXT Consulting.
JXT specialises in designing and building recruitment focused websites and mobile sites as well as implementing social recruiting strategies through facebook, twitter and LinkedIn. By utilising the most powerful job board technology in Australia and maximising search engine optimisation techniques, JXT will get your website and job ads visible in Google search results. With 86% of job seekers using search engines in their hunt for a job, it’s imperative that your website and online presence is optimised to the fullest.

“In a world where large numbers of individuals are using social media, businesses need to establish their place in this interaction! Mariah is one of the most energetic and knowledgeable professionals on social media I have met. This skill and focus combined with industry knowledge will identify the social media needs and opportunities for your business. I recommend strongly the use of social media tools in your business and the leveraging of Mariah’s skills in achieving this.”
- Jeff Thompson, CEO of Jobwire


JXT Consulting is a leader in recruitment job board technology and digital media solutions, providing recruitment companies and HR corporates a full range of services including social recruiting strategies, mobile sites, recruitment-focused web design, advanced job board technology, SEO, SEM and digital newsletters. Delivered through software as a service, JXT continually meets the evolving business needs of its customers. JXT has coverage in Australia, New Zealand and Asia and includes some of the largest firms. Partner with JXT to meet the digital needs of your business by visiting or by calling 02 9955 7170.

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