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Keynote Presentation - Unleashing the Collaborative Potential of Your Workforce

To get ahead in the knowledge economy, businesses need to leverage the smarts already within their four walls. This is especially true in the recruitment industry, at a time where business models must evolve and adapt to the changing supply and demand dynamic in employment markets, a more transient workforce, increasingly demanding clients and emerging technologies that risk ‘cutting out the middle man’. 

 In this inspiring and provocative session, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of multinational behaviour change agency Dominic Thurbon, will explore the drivers of innovation, the future of collaboration and the sources of new value in the recruitment business.
Through the session, we will explore:

  • The threats to the fee-for-service model, and analogies to other industries that have come under similar pressure
  • How organisation-wide collaboration, whether you’re a large enterprise or an SME, lies at the heart of innovation
  • How the very technologies that are revolutionising collaboration in the enterprise are ALSO putting at risk the very heart of the recruitment value proposition – connections to amazing people – and how we can adapt to take advantage of these change
  • A summary of the themes of the conference, and why we should be optimistic, inspired and excited about what the future holds – for businesses of all sizes in the industry


Dominic is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of ChangeLabs, a multinational behaviour change agency, with clients around the world including IBM, the Commonwealth Bank, Johnson and Johnson Medical and Lexus. 

At just 28, Dominic has architected some of the largest behaviour programs in the world, and built an international consultancy with over 50 staff in Australia, New Zealand and America. ChangeLabs works with over 300,000 people a year in face-to-face session, from primary school students to the senior leaders of the most significant brands on the planet.

Dominic was head of research on international best-seller Flip: How Counterintuitive Thinking is Changing Everything, which has been published in Australia, the US and across Europe, and is co-author of the White Papers Talent Magnets: Attracting and Retaining Top Young Talent, and Game On: How Video Games are Changing the Way we Work and Live.

He is an internationally engaged keynote speaker with a reputation for high-energy, dynamic presentations with a provocative edge, and researches in the areas of behavioural and generational change, technology trends and innovation. 

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