Amit Somaiya

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Masterclass - Planning, Establishing and Managing Offshore Outsourcing for Recruitment Agencies

We all have heard about outsourcing, and probably witnessed it happen across different facets of services we enjoy in our day to day life.

However, is this phenomenon for real – more so for your recruitment business? How is it going to change the way you work? More relevant, how do you manage this change?

This master class is an attempt to understand the ‘real’ implications and imperatives for outsourcing in the recruitment business.  The objective is to ‘equip’ the participants to understand how an offshore outsourced business model can be achieved and how it can deliver the desired results.


Amit Somaiya is the founder and CEO of Interactive Manpower Solutions Pvt Ltd.  IMS is a provider of offshore outsourced solutions specialised for the recruitment industry.  The company has been successfully delivering since the last 5 years outsourced solutions to a number of large recruitment brands in the UK and US as well as the Australian markets.

Amit started his career in the Oil & Gas sector with Mobil Philippines. During the period of the Asian currency crisis and the bubble he found himself returning to India and pursued business interests in the growing ‘Business Process Outsourcing’ industry.

An avid trainer, he soon went to set up a training business for soft skills and language capabilities, both essential ingredients for the outsourcing business.

Amit founded IMS in 2006 as a start up venture with Empresaria Group Plc, a UK based listed staffing company.  He has successfully grown his business to a team size of over 150 consultants who specialise in global migration of talent and providing of outsourced solutions across the US, UK and Australia.

Amit is a Chartered Account and has done his Masters in Business Administration with specialization in ‘Business Strategy Formulation’.  He travels globally with his business and has made a number of trips to Australia.

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