Neer Korn

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Neer Korn


Keynote Presentation - Retention and Innovation – Two for the Price of One
Retention is the issue for too many employers. With loyalty seeming dead new employees seem to leave on whim. By understanding the mind set of employees we can increase retention in ways large and small. Increasing retention invariably increases innovation – a robust, proud and satisfied employee who feels their contribution is worthwhile will, indeed, provide new thinking and ideas. The challenge for organisation is to listen out to new idea, wherever they come from.

This presentation offers the issues from the employees perspective based on countless interviews over more than a decade and how employers can address these.

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Meet Neer Korn

Neer takes his audience on a journey through Australian society, peppering his insights with video quotes from Australians themselves that bring the presentation to life.
More than learning and entertainment – it’s all about creating a culture of instinct.

As the founder and director of Heartbeat Trends and more recently The Korn Group, Neer Korn has been researching and reporting on Australian attitudes and trends for 13 years.  He has published over 120 large scale studies on all aspects of Australian society, trends and attitudes.

He has spoken on virtually any topic relating to Australians, from finance to home life to generational differences to health and wellbeing and so much more.

He consults to a who’s who of Australian blue chip companies and organisations. His clients include: Commonwealth Bank, MLC, Suncorp, AMP, Nestle, Nickelodeon, Cadbury among many others.
Neer is a frequent commentator of social issues in the media.

How does he know all this?

As the founder and director of Heartbeat Trends, and more recently The Korn Group, Neer has conducted over 100 large scale studies on Australian attitudes and trends. He treats his studies like pieces of a puzzle, adding five new studies each year, filling in gaps in knowledge and examining emerging trends. He films all his focus groups and interviews thus bringing his presentations to life by allowing people to speak for themselves.

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