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Opening Keynote PresentationFLIP! Creative Strategies for Turning Challenge into Opportunity and Change into Competitive Advantage

The GFC changed the recruitment industry forever. Our keynote speaker, Peter Sheahan believes that it is in the change and turmoil that our greatest opportunity for profit exists.

Or as he says, the real money gets made in the cracks. In this case study rich and highly entertaining session, Peter will challenge you to:

  • Embrace change and break free from thinking that made you successful in the past, but could undermine your success in the future
  • Re-think competitive advantage and look to how you can leverage intangibles to manufacture brand-based points of difference in the market
  • Improve your margins by driving non-sexy innovation, and finding new and better ways to do what you do
  • Drive collaboration inside and outside your 4 walls and harness the discretionary efforts of people on and off your payroll


Peter Sheahan is known internationally for inspiring innovative business thinking and creating lasting behaviour change. Founder and CEO of ChangeLabs, Peter has spent a decade teaching leaders how to flip their thinking and find opportunity where others cannot. He has consulted some of the world’s leading brands including Google, Goldman Sachs, News Corporation, Harley Davidson and GlaxoSmithKline. He has also worked in our industry with clients that include Adecco, Manpower, The Brooklyn Group, Ross Human Directions and Hays. Peter was the 2006 RCSA keynote speaker.

Based on the research for international bestseller Fl!p, and his experience working in more than 15 countries, Peter’s presentation will challenge your assumptions about the recruitment industry and your companies version of ‘business as usual’, revealing how the world’s most effective organisations and individuals distinguish themselves from the competition instead of running with the pack.

Peter is the author of 6 books, including the international best-sellers Flip, Generation Y and Making it Happen.

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