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Concurrent Session – Is collaboration useful in our business?

Collaboration and connection are two words that are becoming prevalent in studies that point us in the right direction for growth in the next decade. We are being told that today’s employee wants to be involved, wants to participate and wants to be connected. If leaders can create the right environment for collaboration and connection then business will flourish, innovation will happen and your people will be engaged.

During this discussion we will ask whether or not collaboration is useful within Recruitment consultancies and if it is, how can it be achieved in a way that adds value to the business.


Cath Lawrence is a communication consultant who set up her own business in 2006 following a long career working within large corporates.

Cath has worked at an Executive level in different functions across a range of industries; dealing with different change situations and the impact this has on the people within the organisation. She has specifically focused on the way communication happens within organisations at an individual, team and business level.

Since setting set up her own business in 2006 she has created a niche business that specifically focuses on strengthening working relationships. Cath works with business owners, managers and individuals to address a range of issues that impact team and individual productivity. The emphasis is on creating the environment and building capability for effective communication in your workplace. Addressing different issues leads to:

  • Improved team and individual productivity with better working relationships
  • Greater confidence, work satisfaction and performance for teams and individuals
  • Increased alignment to the businesses strategy, goals & targets

Cath is particularly interested in the impact communication has on business performance and loves seeing how teams operate. This involves Cath in facilitating, coaching, training and consulting on a range of organisational and personal issues that impact working relationships. She likes to think this curiosity in people is put to good use for businesses. Cath is a Master in Neuro Linguistic Programming and a Certified Master Coach through the Institute of Behavioural Coaching.

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