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The agencies listed below are independent providers in the local area and the contact details have been taken from various directories available to the public without independent verification by Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Conference Action or RCSA.

 The Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Conference Action or RCSA do not endorse, recommend or warranty any agency or its personnel. Consequently, Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Conference Action and RCSA assume no liability by making this list available to you. Guests are advised and strongly encouraged to determine to their own satisfaction the suitability and reliability of each service.

Busy Bees Babysitting Services
Please contact Fay
Mobile: 0417 794 507

Executive Home Duty Service
Please contact Pauline
Tel: 07 4055 6510
Mobile: 0417 612 975

Payment for the above mentioned babysitting services must be settled directly witht eh babysitting companies and room charges are not possible

As a courtesy to guests, Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas has compiled a lost of independent third parties who may be available to provide babysitting services in hotel guest rooms. The Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Conference Action and RCSA make no representation concerning the quality, reputation, or safety of the persons appearing on this list. Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, Conference Action and RCSA advise the guest to determine that the person(s) chosen by the guest to provide babysitting services is bonded and/or insured. Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas, its owner, affiliates, subsidiaries, assigns and its manager (if a franchise, its Licensor), Conference Action and RCSA, expressly disclaim, any and all liability, including liability stemming from any injury sustained and all risk of damage to or loss of property as a consequence of the use of any babysitting/child care agency, and the undersigned guest hereby waives any claims which may be brought against the same for any loss, death, injury or damages resulting from the services provided by the Independent providers of the babysitting services.

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