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+David Arkless
David Arkless
David Arkless is Manpower Inc.’s President of Global Corporate and Government Affairs, a position he attained in December 2008 after being promoted from Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Affairs. David joined Manpower on June 19, 1992.
David is a world-renowned expert on labor market trends and has widespread experience of helping countries to develop their labor market strategies. He is responsible for Governmental and International Affairs and as such has been called to advise the Governments of Egypt, China, Vietnam, the UAE, the Crown-Prince of Serbia and the City of Shanghai, in addition to being an Advisory Board Member for the US Department of State and CIETT, the international confederation of private employment agencies

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+Vanessa Fudge
vanessa fudge

Vanessa is Shirlaws Australia Chairman, Partner and Senior Coach as well as the designer and lecturer of the Sydney Business School ‘Applied Coaching Skills’ module for the Masters of Business Coaching degree. Vanessa has over 10,000 hours of applied coaching experience in organisational settings.
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+Mariah Gillepsie
Mariah holds a masters degree in Journalism & Communications from the University of New South Wales. By utilising social media platforms such as facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, she has successfully placed candidates in some of Australia’s leading companies. Realising the significance of these sites in the recruitment space, she joined the JXT Consulting team to help recruiters and HR managers implement social media strategies of their own, using the combined forces of JXT’s powerful job board technology, SEO techniques and mobile site development.

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+Amanda Gome
Amanda Gome

Amanda is CEO of online publishing company, Private Media, which owns SmartCompany.com.au, StartupSmart and Crikey. She is also the founder and publisher of SmartCompany.com.au, Australia’s number one news and resources publication for entrepreneurs, and StartupSmart, a news and resource site for people starting a business.

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+Rod Hore

Rod Hore is Director HHMC Australia. He founded HHMC Australia in 1998, providing advisory services to the Recruitment industry and the Information Technology industry. He is responsible for the leadership of the group and for undertaking advisory roles and Merger &Acquisition assignments.

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+Graham Jenkins MRCSA (Life)
Graham Jenkins
Graham Jenkins has over twenty years experience running businesses. He sold his recruitment business in 2004 but remained active in executive search as a partner in a global executive search firm until 2007.

For the last five years he has been a Chair with TEC – The Executive Connection, and in this role mentors CEOs in a broad range of business fields so that they become better leaders, make better decisions and drive better results for their organisations. www.tec.com.au
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+Neer Korn
Neer Korn

Meet Neer Korn

As the founder and director of Heartbeat Trends and more recently The Korn Group, Neer Korn has been researching and reporting on Australian attitudes and trends for 13 years.  He has published over 120 large scale studies on all aspects of Australian society, trends and attitudes.

He has spoken on virtually any topic relating to Australians, from finance to home life to generational differences to health and wellbeing and so much more.

He consults to a who’s who of Australian blue chip companies and organisations. His clients include: Commonwealth Bank, MLC, Suncorp, AMP, Nestle, Nickelodeon, Cadbury among many others.
Neer is a frequent commentator of social issues in the media.

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+Cath Lawrence
Cath Lawrence

Cath Lawrence is a communication consultant who set up her own business in 2006 following a long career working within large corporates.

Cath has worked at an Executive level in different functions across a range of industries; dealing with different change situations and the impact this has on the people within the organisation. She has specifically focused on the way communication happens within organisations at an individual, team and business level.
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+Joris Luijke
Joris Luijke

Joris Luijke is the Global Talent Director of Atlassian, an Australian software company specialising in software development and collaboration tools that are used by more than 23,000 organisations. Atlassian’s own staff engagement practices have been formally recognised extensively over the past year with numerous of HR awards.
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+Dr Tom McKaskill
Tom McKaskill
Global serial entrepreneur, educator, author and angel investor, Dr McKaskill is an authority on how entrepreneurs’ start, develop and harvest their ventures. He is the world’s expert on exit strategies for high growth enterprises.

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+Ms Heather Price
Heather is CEO of Diversity Consulting. She began her career in South Africa in 1990, establishing a consultancy specialising in diversity management – nominated as one of the leading Human Resource consultancies in Southern Africa. She opened the doors of Diversity Consulting in the Asia Pacific region in 2003 with its Head office in Australia specialising in the provision of a wide range of solutions to address diversity and inclusion

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+John Rawlinson
John Rawlinson
John Rawlinson started his working life as a Physical Education teacher at Victorian Secondary Schools. He specialised in Outdoor Education and was a pioneer of the School Surfing Programs in Victoria. In 1985 he decided it was time to swap his track suit for a business suit and after a brief stint in sales with a multinational pharmaceutical company, started a career in recruitment with Morgan & Banks, the leading recruitment and Human Resource consulting business in the Asia Pacific.

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+David Rendall
David Rendall
David Rendall started working as a paper boy when he was eleven years old. Since then he has been a stock boy, lawn boy, painter, janitor, tutor, resident assistant, job coach, supervisor, nonprofit manager and senior executive.
He is currently an international speaker, author, consultant and entrepreneur. In 2004 he founded Rendall & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in leadership development and strategic planning for businesses and nonprofits. He has served people and organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

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+Peter Sheahan
Peter Sheahan
Peter Sheahan has established a globally recognised brand as a leading expert in workforce trends and generational change. In the space of three years he has built a multi-million dollar consulting practice attracting clients such as Newscorp, Google, Coca-Cola, L’Oreal and Ernst & Young.

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+Amit Somaiya
Amit Somaiya is the founder and CEO of Interactive Manpower Solutions Pvt Ltd (IMS), India.  IMS is a provider of offshore outsourced solutions specialised for the recruitment industry.  The company has been successfully delivering since the last 5 years outsourced solutions to a number of large recruitment brands in the UK and US as well as the Australian markets.

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+Dominic Thurbon
Dominic Thurbon

Dominic is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of ChangeLabs, a multinational behaviour change agency, with clients around the world including IBM, the Commonwealth Bank, Johnson and Johnson Medical and Lexus. 


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+Steve Vamos
Steve Vamos

Steve Vamos is a non-executive Director of Telstra and the founding President of the Society for Knowledge Economics, a not-for-profit think tank whose mission is to make Australia one of the world’s leading knowledge economies, supporting a successful transition of the Australian economy from the industrial age to the knowledge era.

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