Mike Walsh

February 2, 2012 No Comments

Mike WalshFLEX – Business Re-Imagined

What does it take to lead a 21st century company? New technology is not only an opportunity to improve productivity, it invites us to ask a much bigger question – can we re-imagine the way we do business?

Forces of change surround the recruitment industry. Whether it be generational turnover, the Cloud, mobile work, or the rise of the social enterprise – your clients will need to transform themselves in order to survive and they will need your help to manage that transition with the acquisition and management of top talent.

With original consumer market research, practical evaluations of next generational enterprise tools and case studies from some of the world’s most innovative firms – you will have everything you need to start thinking like a FLEX firm.

In this session Mike shares:

  • The new digital and demographic forces with the potential to transform the dynamics of the recruitment industry
  • Digital platforms and enterprise tools that can change the relationship you have with your customers and competitors
  • The worldview of your next generation of staff and the new management styles necessary to lead them through disruptive times
  • The new models of innovation suitable for the current, fast paced, uncertain global environment
  • How consumerization, enterprise mobility and the Cloud will change the way your teams colloborate and act on information
  • Relevant case studies of the ‘winners circle’ of companies who have survived disruptive change
  • A roadmap for your company’s future and identify the capabilities you will need to take it there.

Everything is changing. All the traditional industries we grew up with – media, finance, professional services and retail – are now in the process of being turned upside down and re-invented. The force behind this revolution is not technology but rather consumer behaviour. After all, as interesting as it is when things change, the real magic happens when people do.

Mike Walsh, author of Futuretainment and CEO of innovation research agency Tomorrow is a leading authority on the digital future. A dynamic keynote speaker and experienced trend tracker, Mike helps prepare businesses and their leaders for what’s next.

With a combination of high impact visuals, unique consumer case studies and high definition video, Mike’s presentations transport his audiences into ‘Tommorrowland’. Providing a unique glimpse, not into what may happen a decade from now, but into idea viruses that are already spreading and how they will transform your world.

Constantly travelling the world looking for the best ideas, consumer innovations and disruptive technologies – Mike Walsh curates the most relevant insights into tailored keynotes, empowering audiences to not only understand what’s coming, but also use this understanding to begin influencing the future direction of their industry.

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