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RCSA Strategic Plan


RCSA Strategic Plan July 2013 – June 2016

Our Vision:  Shaping our profession through standards, knowledge and influence.


Strategic Outcome 1: RCSA membership is highly valued
RCSA membership is seen as being necessary for success.  RCSA corporate and individual membership is attractive, understood, sought after and retained. RCSA membership provides highly valued and distinguishable benefits by identified member segments.

Strategic Outcome 2: RCSA is the lead provider of market-recognised Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
The RCSA Learning Centre is recognised by corporate and individual members as the default source of education and training requirements. RCSA Learning Centre provides consistently high quality continuing professional development across multiple channels both publicly and on a tailored in-house delivery basis. 

Strategic Outcome 3: RCSA is the centre of influence for member interests
RCSA input, research, guidance and advice is sought after by key workforce management stakeholders including government and regulatory bodies. RCSA’s position in relation to key industry issues is clear and understood by all stakeholders.

Strategic Outcome 4: RCSA Members are  recognized as setting the industry benchmark through adherence to RCSA Standards.
The RCSA Code for Professional Conduct and Service Delivery Standard are recognized as the quality industry standard and are a key member attraction and retention tool. Existing and prospective clients and candidates understand and value this important tangible difference between a member and a non-member. “Are you an RCSA member?” is the first question asked by clients and candidates of recruitment firms and recruitment professionals? 

Strategic Outcome 5: RCSA’s future prosperity is ensured through the generation and responsible use of stakeholder funds.
The RCSA operates at all times with a commercial focus.