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RCSA Immigration Working Group


RCSA Immigration Working Group Meetings

Please note that meetings are convened as issues arise.

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RCSA maintains working groups to assist in the management of policy, strategy, issues, education and stakeholder influence across a range of disciplines. Working groups may be established for a specific purpose or as an ongoing  observance and managing group.  

RCSA Working Groups are a great way for Members and their representatives to contribute to the direction of the industry and to the maintenance of standards while also being briefed on industry developments and practice trends.

RCSA Working Groups are open to representatives of RCSA Corporate Members with specialist knowledge in the discipline area, agreed RCSA service providers and RCSA Corporate Members’ staff or contracted employees.


About the Immigration Working Group

The RCSA Immigration Working Group is made up of member organisations with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The reformed group held its first meeting on 20 July 2011.


Some items for discussion were:

  • Enterprise Migration Agreements - telecommunications sector next to be targeted by Government
  • On-Hire Labour Agreements - process and approvals have stopped
  • Employer Sponsored Scheme (ENS) - permanent residency policy has recently changed making it significantly more difficult for on-hire employers to prove ‘direct employer-employee’ relationship.


The group  is sending a letter to the Minister of Immigration, Chris Bowen, seeking a round table discussion re the major crackdown on employing illegal workers -  and will be preparing a formal submission via this working group.

RCSA welcomes the opportunity as a key stakeholder to consult and work proactively with the government on these recommendations and looks forward to taking an active role in the ensuring better education and awareness directly through the RCSA Immigration Working Group.

Corporate Members are invited to email RCSA Business Solutions at to obtain further information or to nominate a representative to join this group.

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