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RCSA PEARL Program 2016

2016 RCSA PEARL Mentoring Program

Applications Open:

8th February 2016

Applications Close:

16th March 2016

Program Length

April 2016 - April 2017

Compulsory Dates

Induction Training
(Half Day Session)
20th April 2016

Facilitated Catch-Up Sessions
(2 hour Sessions)
20th July 2016
8th November 2016
2nd February 2017


Mentees: $220.00 incl. GST
Mentors: Free

Supported By:

The 2016 RCSA PEARL Program is closed for registrations. Information on the program, including expressions of interest, for 2017 will be made available towards the end of 2016.

The RCSA PEARL mentoring program is designed to provide members with an opportunity to learn from peers within the industry to develop leadership, communication and decision making, amongst other business skills. While mentoring programs can often cost upwards of $8,000, the RCSA PEARL Mentoring program provides exceptional value to RCSA Members in the way it offers a mutually beneficial industry wide mentoring program at minimal charge to RCSA Corporate and Individual members.

Mentors and Mentees are matched together based on their goals, aspirations and professional experience, who then meet on a regular basis over the year to discuss & plan how to actualise these goals. Participants are given the required skills through an initial induction training session and are guided through the course of the year with facilitated sessions.

This program follows the highly successful past intakes where over 300 members across Australia and New Zealand have participated. These programs have been developed in conjunction with AltusQ, an experienced business coaching firm and Australian corporate mentoring program specialist, to facilitate the next generation of talent within the industry.

Program Structure

Program to run April 2016 - April 2017:

1. Mentors and Mentees are matched based on application details submitted.
2. Mandatory separate inductions for both Mentors and Mentees are run in the first month, at which the details and objectives of the program are outlined (Induction Training provided by AltusQ Coaching).
3. Monthly mentoring commences between matched Mentor and Mentee pairs
4. Support provided through AltusQ facilitated mandatory Mentor and Mentee state-based meetings, to encourage learning & best practice and work through challenges
5. Ongoing support provided by dedicated RCSA Program Coordinator

Time Expectations & Date Commitments

- Commencement - Mentors-1/2 day training, Mentees-2 hour training (dates on the right hand of your screen)
- Three Mentor and Mentee meetings (separate sessions) of 2hrs during business hours (6 Hrs/year) facilitated by AltusQ.
- Participants commit for 12 months, each pair expected to communicate monthly outside business hours for approximately 1 hr.


To be considered as a Mentee, it is understood that you have:

- at least ONE year of experience within the recruitment industry and,
- RCSA Individual membership or employee of a Corporate Member and,
- are about to or hold a people management role.

To be considered as a Mentor, it is understood that you have:

- at least THREE years of experience within the recruitment industry and,
- RCSA Individual membership or employee of a Corporate Member and,
- hold or have held a people management role.


To participate in this Mentoring Program, all participants are required to be an Individual Member of the RCSA or an employee of a Corporate Member. This means that all Mentors and Mentees are required to abide by the RCSA Code for Professional Conduct, which encompasses Principle 1, Confidentiality and Privacy.

The RCSA will collect personal details for the purposes of the program. All personal details collected will be treated under the RCSA Privacy Policy, which can be found by clicking here or on the RCSA Website.

Process & Conditions for Enrolment

Enrolment in the 2016 PEARL Mentoring will comprise of two steps:

1. Members wishing to partake are required to register for the program at via the button at the top of your screen. Mentees are required to make payment at through the RCSA website at this stage of the enrolment process. There is no charge to partake in the program as a Mentor.
2. Upon completing registration, applicants will be provided with a link to an online application form and a signed Agreement of Understand.

Terms & Conditions for Mentee Registration Fee

1. Mentees are required to make payment when registering.
2. Applicants deemed unsuitable for the program will receive a full refund of their registration fee.
3. Where a match is deemed unsuitable by a mentor/mentee on the grounds of a conflict of interest the registration fee will be refunded on the following conditions:
a. The conflict of interest is deemed genuine by RCSA
b. The conflict of interest flagged before 20th May 2016 i.e. a month after the program commences.
4. Refunds will not be provided after the 20th May 2016.

For More Information:

For more information, testimonials, and Frequently Asked Questions, please consult the 2016 PEARL Mentoring Program Information Kit.

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