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Participation in the workforce matters. Workforce participation is widely identified as key to unlocking greater productivity as well as economic and social benefits for all Australians.

Welcome to the RCSA Participation Forum. This is a member forum of the RCSA with participation open to all Corporate and Individual members.

Your participation will assist in raising the profile of the work our industry does every-day to increase participation in the workforce for all Australians, and seeks to create new opportunities through forums and industry workshops.

While a significant amount of discussion is rightly devoted to increasing the rate of participation for 45+ Australians, recent reports also point to a growing crisis in participation among young Australians as they struggle to enter the labour market.

In response to these challenges the RCSA has established a Workforce Participation Forum to coordinate an industry wide response and to represent the employment services sector and RCSA members with an industry voice and perspective with Government, industry and employers.


RCSA has appointed a Steering Panel to provide leadership to the Forum in developing a work-plan for its activity.

Steering Panel members are:

  • Lincoln Crawley FRCSA, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, ManpowerGroup
  • Steve Shepherd FRCSA (Life), Group Director at Randstad
  • Sally Sinclair CEO of NESA (National Employment Services Association)
  • Chris Turner, Group Manager – Workplace Relations at Adecco
  • John Cooper FRCSA


If you would like to learn more about the RCSA Participation Forum please contact Simon Schweigert at the RCSA via email: or telephone: (03) 9663 0555.

Have your say: Over the coming months RCSA will setup a member discussion forum which will allow members to share their ideas and views about increasing participation in the workforce for all Australians. In the meantime Members are asked to send your ideas and comments to and we will feed these onto the Participation Forum website.

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