Kinetic Super is the Principal Partner of the RCSA and the exclusive supporter of the Centre for Excellence.


In the pursuit of excellence Kinetic Super and RCSA have joined forces to focus on achieving greatness. On the path to this goal we will assist our members and their employees to strive to be the best that they possibly can be. The Centre for Excellence will be the hub of learning excellence.

  Professional development is an important commitment for all recruiters and the Centre for Excellence serves as a key resource available for those wishing to advance their skills and education.
  The RCSA's key goals are to lead the industry, influence legislation and regulation and provide the platform for continual professional development.  As the RCSA's Partner in the Centre of Excellence, Kinetic Super provides significant direct and indirect support which allows the RCSA to continue to show leadership via advocacy and develop and maintain standards of professionalism. Kinetic Super with its commitment to the continuing development of the recruitment industry via the Centre of Excellence is a true and longstanding partner of the RCSA and the wider industry.

The Kinetic Super Centre for Excellence includes the following programs:

          RCSA Professional Emerging and Aspiring Recruitment Leaders (PEARL) program
    RCSA Education: Workshops, Webinars
    RCSA Code Training
    RCSA Awards
    RCSA Professional Membership Framework<
    RCSA Research and Industry Statistics