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RCSA Acumen Series with Chris and Greg Savage

100 proven tips, tools and tactics to drive billings

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Every recruiter in Australia and New Zealand must attend this event. Everything about recruitment is changing. The market, technology, client expectations, candidate behaviour.

Recruiters need to change too!
This 4-hour, half-day, intensive masterclass will equip recruiters with the tools to succeed in the modern era. Every attendee will leave with a personalised road-map contained within a detailed handbook, with tools to drive recruiting success and higher billings right now. Every owner and manager will have the framework to lead successful teams and breed high billing new hires

Attendees will get an in depth explanation of the six core components of the modern recruiter. Detailed strategies, tactics and new ideas, for sourcing, modern candidate management, personal branding, marketing, social media for recruiters, advanced influencing skills, networking, modern business development and crucial advice on self management and productivity.

Here is a sample of the content:
- Use ´change intelligence’ to be a modern recruiter?
- The top 10 habits for keeping ahead of your competition.
- The Savage candidate sourcing masterclass
- The new age art of candidate seduction in a skill short market.
- Tactics to improve your ´Seduction Conversation Rate’.
- Detailed, simple tactics for social and digital sourcing
- How to find candidates that others can't on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more
- 10 people skills that turn you from a ´transactor’ to a Consultant
- Modern use of the oldest tool (the phone!)
- The magic of building “Brand You”
- The simple 7-point candidate care plan you CAN follow
- 10 tactics for building a digital brand that drives $
- LinkedIn and Twitter branding masterclass
- The ´moments of truth’ that will make or break you.
- Modern business development that works and is fun!
- How to win clients without cold-calling
- “Social selling” and why you must master it.
- “Recruiter Equity and the crucial skill of “influence”
- How to become a ´key person of influence’.
- 10 tactics to influence critical candidate and client outcomes
- Selling exclusivity and the magic of a qualified job order
- 4 candidate interview essentials that most recruiters do not know
- Top 10 tips for turbo charging efficiency.
- How to always work on Dollar Productive Activities (DPA)
- 10 habits of high performers
- Deep dive into the DNA of the modern recruiter

About Greg Savage FRCSA (Life):

Greg is a leader of the global recruitment industry, with a career spanning thirty-five years, and is a regular keynote speaker at staffing conferences around the world.

Greg started Recruitment Solutions in 1987 and grew the business to 250 staff and an eventual $60 million IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange. He went on to be International CEO of Aquent for 8 years, running 35 offices in 17 countries.

In 2010, founded Firebrand Talent Search and quickly created a global brand for this specialist digital and marketing recruiter, and successfully sold the business, in 7 countries, in January 2013.

Greg now provides board advisory, consulting and keynote speaking services to organisations across the world, focusing on growth, expansion and profitability.

An early adopter of social media for recruiting, Greg’s industry blog - The Savage Truth - is a must-read for recruiters, while his Twitter feed similarly attracts thousands of followers from around the world.

About Chris Savage:

Chris Savage is one of Asia Pacific’s pre-eminent public relations, digital, marketing and professional services industry leaders. But that’s not his passion. What drives Chris is helping leaders and businesses accelerate growth.

Following a highly successful 25 year career in public relations, where his roles included Chairman of the biggest PR group in the Asia Pacific region with 1,200 staff, as an entrepreneur who started what became one of Australia’s pre-eminent financial PR firms, and the founding employee of Ogilvy PR, Chris was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Australasia’s leading marketing content and communications group, with $500 million in revenues. The businesses under his leadership grew on average by double digits annually.

Chris is an accomplished keynote speaker and speaks at major conferences across the world. He thrives on helping others achieve their potential- to be the very best they can be. More than 10,000 followers and subscribers a week read his weekly blog, Wrestling Possums.

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