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RCSA Acumen Series with Greg Savage

RCSA Acumen Series

Remake. Remodel. Future Proof Recruitment

Presented by Greg Savage FRCSA (Life)

Greg is in a unique position in Australian Recruiting with 30 years’ experience at the coalface, and now consulting to dozens of recruitment companies, on the Board of 5 recruitment companies, a shareholder in several, and invited to attend recruiting conferences all over the world. He has a compelling insight to how a recruitment company should operate in the new world, and in this series he shares what he would do if he started a new business tomorrow.

How it would be different?
What would the strategy be?
What sort of people would work there?
What kind of technology?
How would it be managed?
What about sales and marketing?
How would talent sourcing evolve?

Owners and Managers:
Learn fresh ways to develop differentiators that clients really value, understand where to allocate resources, learn new marketing strategies, understand the role of social media, talent sourcing, mobile and ATS technology. Crucially, the DNA of the recruiter of tomorrow will be dissected. What skills should you be hiring to drive your business forward? Greg also looks at management structures, cost saving strategies, and predicts the key trends that will affect your business.

Get to understand the trends that are shaping the industry. You will learn which tactics will no longer work, what new skills you must learn as well as practical tips on how to build your personal brand, position yourself as an “expert” and develop innovative business development tactics that don't include cold calling. Greg also believes the recruiter of the future will be highly skilled at the “craft” of recruitment. So he will cover the reinvention of traditional skills such as deal architecture, job order triage and order qualification.

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