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Lobbying & Advocacy


RSCA lobbying and issues management involves activities that lead to:

  •  highlighting and solving industry and collective member problems by putting them on the agenda, confirming  policy, recommending solutions and building support for action on both the problems and solutions.
  •  influencing the public interest through organised, systematic and intentional action to influence a particular  process or outcome.
  •  influencing government policy and legislation by way of actions aimed at changing the policies, laws, positions  and programs of the government and other institutions.

RCSA lobbying and advocacy is a process of influencing that leads to positive change.

RCSA practice is to:

  • involve members and stakeholders and seek input
  • establish an agenda for lobbying and advocating a policy position
  • advance and promote a pro-active agenda, consistent with RCSA policy
  • defend existing law and policy which reflects a positive industry agenda. 
How does RCSA lobby and manage issues?


RCSA establishes policy through the Board, Councils, Working Groups, memos and via individual member input.

RCSA formulates lobbying and advocacy positions through its issues management team, made up of the CEO, RCSA elected representatives and external experts.


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