Aspiring Leaders and PEARL Program

The RCSA PEARL (Professional Emerging and Aspiring Recruitment Leaders) Program has been developed to collectively advance and improve the leadership skills in the next generation of professionals who have chosen to establish their career as a leader in the recruitment industry.

The program encourages the development of the pool of leaders in our industry and building tools and resources which assist in establishing recruitment as a long-term career option.

The program provides a network to mentor and engage aspiring recruitment leaders from both within the RCSA, and the industry as a whole; providing mentoring, coaching and guidance, in a confidential environment which allows recruiters to be more successful and valuable to their employers, and ultimately themselves.

Core components making up the PEARL Program include:

Australia PEARL Program
select Brisbane 2016 RCSA Recruitment Consulting CertificateCertificateBrisbane
select Melbourne 2016 RCSA Recruitment Consulting CertificateCertificateMelbourne
select Perth 2016 RCSA Recruitment Consulting CertificateCertificatePerth
select Sydney 2016 RCSA Recruitment Consulting CertificateCertificateSydney
select11/11/2016Melbourne Workshop, Introduction to Recruitment ConsultingWorkshopMelbourne
select11/11/2016Perth Workshop, Introduction to Recruitment ConsultingWorkshopPerth
select11/11/2016Sydney Workshop, Introduction to Recruitment ConsultingWorkshopSydney
select23/11/2016Brisbane Workshop, Introduction to Recruitment ConsultingWorkshopBrisbane
select9/12/2016Melbourne Workshop, Introduction to Recruitment ConsultingWorkshopMelbourne
select9/12/2016Sydney Workshop, Introduction to Recruitment ConsultingWorkshopSydney
New Zealand PEARL Program
select Certificate in Work Health and SafetyCertificateOnline
select Certificate in Recruitment and SelectionCertificateOnline