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RCSA Corporate Member Icons (logos)


This page provides access to the full suite of Icons for Corporate Members.

Prior to accessing RCSA Icons you first need to read the terms and conditions below.


Guidelines for usage


Corporate Members are entitled to promote their commitment to the RCSA and display their industry professionalism by referring to Member status and by using the RCSA icons as outlined below. By following these guidelines, you will increase recognition of your RCSA Corporate Member status.

These guidelines will provide you with several ways that you can promote your Membership on your corporate stationery, marketing collateral and in any advertising that you produce.

     1)     The RCSA provides an opportunity to utilise the RCSA logo with the word “Corporate Member” to the right or below the RCSA logo which is referred to as the RCSA icon. Please note that the RCSA does not give permission for its logo to be used without these qualifying words.
     2)   Corporate Members can promote their link to the RCSA in general written communications with the words “RCSA Corporate Member”, as designated on your RCSA certificate. You can also use “XYZ Inc is a Corporate Member of the RCSA”.
     3)   As newspaper advertising space is limited in area, the use of the RCSA icon can be replaced with a variation as below that uses minimal space. The wording “RCSA CORPORATE MEMBER” is to be all capital letters and the typeface is to be in sans serif, Verdana preferred. This option can also be used to include your status as an element in your logo. This option can also be used outside of the logo if preferred.

The Corporate Member icon is produced in both a full colour and a black and white version, with the qualifying words either below or to the right of the RCSA logo. The RCSA icon(s) issued to the individual who signed the agreement on behalf of the company are the only RCSA icon(s) that may be used by that company or individual authorised by that company.

The icon is not to appear in any other colour or style.


Service Delivery Standard (SDS) Icons


RCSA Corporate Members who have been issued a certificate indicating that they have met the requirements for certification in the RCSA SDS and who have not withdrawn or failed to maintain their certification can promote this status using the RCSA icon. This icon is supplied on application.


Colours and Styles of the RCSA logos



Usage Terms and Conditions


      1.  That you are a current Corporate Member of the RCSA; and
      2.  That your Membership is financial with the RCSA; and
      3.  That you have no outstanding invoices with the RCSA; and
      4.  That you accept that the RCSA logo remains the property of the RCSA.
      5.  That your usage of the RCSA logo is:
  A.  Within the usage guidelines outlined below; or
  B.  Within a special usage written agreement with the CEO of the RCSA for any requirements that are outside the Usage Guidelines outlined below 
      6. Should you find that you are unable to agree to the RCSA’s written terms and conditions, you are instructed to ensure that you do not use the RCSA logos; that you delete any copies of the RCSA logo available in your own files and that you restrict to promoting your status with the RCSA to any opportunities available within this document to which you can agree (if any).
      7. Should you cancel or resign from your membership that all RCSA logos are removed from all collateral and that the member certificate is destroyed immediately.


Usage Guidelines


The RCSA Member logo is only available to financial members of the RCSA who agree to comply with the following usage guidelines:

1.  The term “RCSA logo” or “logo” refers to all that is contained within the logo including the words ”Corporate” or “Member”, the letters “RCSA”, the four crescents and all white space surrounding the graphic elements.
      2.  The logo is not to be altered from the original image in any form. It may not be stretched in any way except to enlarge or reduce its size. Elements within the logo may not be changed or rearranged in any way. The logo is supplied in all applicable versions to you upon your agreement to these guidelines and only these versions may be used.
      3. The logo must be reproduced to achieve the maximum quality achievable for the project.
      4. No attempt should be made to re-typeset any of the lettering.
      5.  No attempt should be made to alter or add to the logo to suggest, infer or state that the RCSA approves, sponsors or endorses the member in any way other than to promote the association/member relationship that actually exists between the RCSA and the Member.
      6.  The logo may be used to create a hyperlink to the RCSA website at
      7.  The logo is not to be reproduced against any background that breaks, distorts or diminishes the logo’s form.
      8.  The logo must always be presented as supplied with the words presented upright.
      9.  Individual Members may also use their post nominal FRCSA, MRCSA, FRCSA (Life), MRCSA (Life), Hon MRCSA or Hon MRCSA (Life) or APRCSA as depicted on their individual certificate; and when writing, may refer to their status with the phrase “RCSA Accredited Professional”, “RCSA Fellow”, “RCSA Life Fellow” etc.
      10.  Corporate Members may use the supplied logo as a symbol on all stationery, including but not limited to its website, letterhead, with compliments slips, business cards, promotional materials, advertising and the like.
11.  Accredited Professionals may only use the RCSA individual member logos on business cards bearing their name, signature blocks on letters and email footers, on biographies and profiles where it is clear that the logo refers specifically to that individual and not to the company for which they work.

After logging on, click the acceptance button to access RCSA Icons for Corporate Members