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Stay connected with RCSA through our social media networks.


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Keep up to date with everything that's happening at RCSA on the company page or for New Zealand specific news and information, the RCSA New Zealand page. View photos from the Gala Ball, Consultant Forums and the International Conference. Medical Recruiters can connect through the AMRANZ page and Professional Emerging and Aspiring Recruitment Leaders can network via the PEARL page.



Follow RCSA on Twitter to get the latest recruitment news from here and around the globe. Find out what events are coming up. and receive interesting tidbits and articles from inside the recruitment space.

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  Engage with fellow RCSA members and build your professional network by connecting with RCSA's LinkedIn company pages and groups.



  RCSATV is RCSA's dedicated YouTube channel. Meet and hear from our conference speakers, RCSA Members and view our event videos.

RCSA Social Media Policy

RCSA endeavours to become a hub of information and resources to keep our members up-to-date with the latest tools and resources, events, training and education, and news. We also hope to connect members with other members, and members with partners and supporters who service the recruitment industry. In many instances these conversations are facilitated over the Internet.

Uploads and postings

We will:
  • promote RCSA’s events
  • post and share information we deem to be of interest to our members and the recruitment industry
  • upload RCSA event photos and videos.



Any links RCSA posts to external websites are provided as a convenience to our members; external sites and the associated content is not under RCSA’s control. The use of such a link does not mean RCSA endorses the website. RCSA is not responsible for the content or reliability of links, or for any loss of inconvenience arising from their use.

Social media pages

We endeavour to maintain currency and accuracy of information of our social networks. This information is subject to change. We advise members to check the accuracy of information.

RCSA responses

We aim to monitor our social media pages daily. Approved staff members and officers endeavour to answer any reasonable questions as quickly as possible.
Please note: RCSA’s social networks will be monitored during business hours.

Values and Code for Professional Conduct

These apply to working with online media in the same way as members do in the day-today business.

These requirements include:

  • making proper use of RCSA resources
  • upholding RCSA values and the integrity and good reputation of the RCSA
  • dealing appropriate with information, recognising that some information needs to remain confidential
  • Behaving with respect and courtesy and without harassment
  • delivering services fairly, effectively, impartially and courteously to the members
  • being sensitive to the diversity of members and potential members
  • taking reasonable steps to avoid conflicts of interest  being apolitical, impartial and professional.

We aim to:

  • protect information
  • be transparent
  • follow the law.

For enquiries please email