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May 2014
“I am a proud member of the RCSA and can see the benefits of membership, which can only grow.”

Leigh Johnson FRCSA, Executive Director, The Johnson Group, May 2014

“Thank you for advising the outcome of my application, I’m ecstatic to be a part of the professional recruitment consultants.”

Lisa Savorgnan MRCSA, May 2014

“Thank you for having me on board - I feel privileged to be a member.”

John Battista, Recruitment Manager, Cranham Recruitment Services, New RCSA member, May 2014.

RCSA Awards 2014 Finalists - May 2014

“Thanks Julie and I wanted to let you know that I'm thrilled. I'll get my flights booked to Melbourne next week.”

Scott Horton, U&U, Finalist PEARL Award, May 2014

"Fantastic news - you have made my day!! We are celebrating 1 year of business today too so this will be great news for my staff tonight to hear! See you in Melbourne at the Gala Ball!”

Kate Taylor APRCSA, TaylorCare Recruitment, Finalists CSR Award, May 2014

“Oh WOW!!! We are honoured and excited!!!! Thank you so much for providing me with such great news on a Friday!  Perfect time to celebrate.”

Katie Meyer, Head of Marketing, WorkPac, Finalists McLean Award for Workplace Safety, May 2014

“Woohoo!!! Very excited to be a finalist!!”

Matt Sampson MRCSA, Director, Aspect Personnel, Finalist Corporate Social Responsibility Award, May 2014

“What a great honour – we are all so excited about our nomination!! Thanks from all of us at AWX!!!”

Jillian Hamilton, national OHS & Risk Manager, AWX, Finalists McLean Award for Workplace Safety, May 2014

“Thanks Julie. Thrilled to be a finalist.”

Ian McPherson FRCSA, Operations Director, Enterprise Recruitment, Finalists McLean Award for Workplace Safety, May 2014

March 2014

 "Thanks @RCSAevents & @rossclennett for another great educational session today."

Tania Kapell FRCSA, Recruitment Edge, March 2014

"Very successful @RCSAevents strategic planning session this morning with the CEO Steve Granland!"

Andrew Sullivan MRCSA, Hender Consulting, March 2014

"@RCSAevents #Pearl Forum today was fantastic. You should be very proud of putting together such a great event! Well played Claudia & Jodie."

Craig Watson FRCSA, Watson Collard, PEARL Consultant Forum, March 2014

"Thanks to @RCSAevents for a great breakfast with @KellyServices, @RubicorGroup and @p2pMark on the panel! Very insightful. #RCSAbreakfast"

Jessica Phipps, people2people, RCSA CEO Panel Breakfast, February 2014

"Fantastic attendance at tonight's RCSA networking drinks with lots of new faces, I am excited about 2014 lots more events!"

Andrew Sullivan MRCSA, Hender Consulting, RCSA Networking, November 2014
RCSA Acumen series with Greg Savage FRCSA (Life)

"This was the first session I have ever attended and I can say that I absolutely loved it.  Greg is fantastic, a wealth of knowledge and so easy to listen to and understand. I have taken so much away from this session and will use to continue on my upwards journey of being a Recruitment Consultant."

Kylene Reynolds, Brisbane Acumen, October 2013

Great presentation. Having seen Greg in Fiji in 2012 it's good to see he is not just rehashing old stuff but developing and innovating what he learns."

Ken Fowler FRCSA, Brazen Recruitment, Brisbane Acumen, October 2013

"As always, it is great to be inspired by Greg. He has a wealth of knowledge and we are very lucky that he is sharing his 30 years of knowledge and experience with us. Great venue too."

Angeleen Bennett APRCSA, Bennett Recruitment, Brisbane Acumen, October 2013

"Excellent venue and the time frame was spot on."

Richard Taylor, Real Estate Jobs Search, Brisbane Acumen, October 2013

"Greg was motivating and the presentation content was outstanding. No nonsense, great advice that can be implemented for positive business improvement immediately and at little or no cost."

Gayleen Toll FRCSA, Precruitment Pty Ltd, Brisbane Acumen, October 2013

"Greg is a consistently strong presenter and a very entertaining speaker. There are very few professionals in this industry who can engage their audience for three hours.  Greg does it effortlessly.

Patricia Sinclair, Global Health Source Pty Ltd, Perth Acumen, October 2013

"Highly valuable, entertaining, engaging and applicable."

Kerri Duff-Borthen MRCSA, Duff Recruitment Pty Ltd, Perth Acumen, October 2013

"Overall outstanding, very informative and thought provoking."

Yasmine Johnson, Locher Human Resources, Adelaide Acumen, October 2013

"Greg is great and really high energy. His enthusiasm about the recruitment industry is infectious and the work he is doing to promote the "good stuff" about what we do is invaluable. The venue is very easy to get to."

Emma Egan, Sydney Acumen, October 2013

"I think it was great. I always take a lot away from Greg's presentations - insight, ideas and energy."

James Harcourt MRCSA, J2 Recruitment Pty Ltd, Sydney Acumen, October 2013

"The venue was excellent and Greg's enthusiasm and drive for best practice in the industry is really what stands him apart from others."

Andrew McGregor, Design and Build Recruitment Pty Ltd, Sydney Acumen, October 2013

Greg is always terrific – doesn’t matter how many times I've heard him speak his presentations are ALWAYS valuable.  One of the few presenters in and outside recruitment world who can keep audiences engaged for so many hours!!"

Tania Kapell FRCSA, Sydney Acumen, October 2013

"Speaker Excellent; Venue excellent; organisation and level of professionalism excellent; support from Westin staff excellent."

Teri Moxham, Southside Staffing Services, Sydney Acumen, October 2013

"Greg Savage - great presenter, passionate."

Maurice Deevy, Auckland Acumen, October 2013

"Inspiring speaker and great delivery."

Paul Greenaway, Auckland Acumen, October 2013

"Funny, motivational, informative, direct, realistic."

Joe Vaughan,  Auckland Acumen, October 2013

"Greg is an engaging speaker who has 'been there done that' which adds credibility to his presentation, he also comes across as genuine."

Ashley Green, M & T Resources, Melbourne Acumen, October 2013

"Presenters need to have a point of difference to share with an experienced recruitment audience; Greg clearly has years of experience across senior management to do this.  His focus was very much about social media and the industry staying current and it was terrific to hear examples and see data to back up his presentation."

Karen O'Brien, Becks Wiggins Stokes Pty Ltd, Melbourne Acumen, October 2013


"Greg Savage is a brilliant speaker and the information was engaging and highly relevant."

Marcus Goodwin, Goodwin Recruitment, Melbourne Acumen, October 2013


"I found the session confronting, in a positive way, it made you take a step back and evaluate where you sit in the current market and the changes you need to make going forward.  I have been in the recruitment industry all my adult life and have learnt some wonderful skills but realise it is time to embrace the current market and adopt more progressive ideas relating to social media." 

Michelle Ackland, Armstrong Personnel, Melbourne Acumen, October 2013

"Relevant and intelligent - thanks Greg."
Katherine Legg, Searson Buck, Melbourne Acumen, October 2013

 "Congratulations, great broadcast in Newshub - simple and value adding."

Julie Honore, safesearch, September 2013


"I strongly recommend that anyone associated with the recruitment industry, whether you be owners, managers, recruiters or part of a team, save the date for the 2014 RCSA Gala Ball (22 May, Melbourne).

This is the "night of nights" in each calendar year where recruitment professionals can get together in a relaxed environment to celebrate their involvement in one of Australia's most business critical sectors.
Without the right people in place, no business can hope to realise its true potential. It is recruitment professionals who facilitate those ideal matches and greatly contribute to corporate success.
This is the night to recognise the achievements of those who make our industry what it is.
The RCSA Gala Ball allows us to compare notes, brag a little and speak with fellow industry folks who actually get and respect what we do. We always talk about recognising and maximising opportunities, don't miss this one to be part of the industry we are all passionate about and have a fun night!"

Peter Gleeson FRCSA (Life) August 2013

RCSA International Conference - August 2013

"We had a wonderful conference. Congratulations to you and your team. Inspiring and professional."

Jamie Smith JP Smith Recruitment & HR September 2013

"Congratulations again for a very well organised and fruitful experience at the Gold Coast."

Mike Eyal Secured Signing September 2013

"Thank you to you and your team for putting together a sensational conference last week. I thought the venue, speakers, agenda and management of the event were exceptional. From the opening drinks to the closing drinks, it felt like the event ran seamlessly. My expectations were high and they were exceeded. I, and my team, left with a better understanding on issues and feeling inspired about our industry. Thank you for what I can assume was an incredible amount of work!"

Matthew Sampson, Aspect Personnel, September 2013

RCSA International Conference Tweets - August 2013

Feeling very revitalised after #RCSAConf - thank you @RCSAevents for putting on such an excellent program. Next year - Queenstown!

Ross Clennett FRCSA ‏@rossclennett

Post- #RCSAConf relaxing by the pool on the Gold Coast. Looking forward to après-ski relaxing in Queenstown next year!

Janette Dewhurst ‏@purplenettie    

About to head to the airport. Wonderful conference @RCSAevents Thanks guys! #RCSAConf

Adam Brown ‏@browntown77

#RCSAConf Incredible 2nd day! Quality presenters, great messages.

Jacqui Barratt FRCSA ‏@JacquiBarratt

Wowsers! Great way to finish the #RCSAConf!
Matthew Sampson MRCSA ‏@mattpsampson

Great event as usual and great to catch up with you all again....All the best success for the year ahead and see you next year #RCSAConf

Scott Van Heurck FRCSA ‏@ScottyVH

Thank you @RCSAevents - brilliantly executed #RCSAConf 2013. Can't wait for next year...

Tania Kapell APRCSA ‏@taniakapell

Just WOW! John Peters a completely awesome end to #RCSAConf. What a story. What a man.

Ross Clennett FRCSA ‏@rossclennett

Absolutely electrifying...tears even. John Peters the final speaker #RCSAConf #rawemotion

Fiona Harland MRCSA ‏@fiharland

How to stun a recruiter #RCSAConf put John Peters on stage #respect

Fiona Harland MRCSA ‏@fiharland

Thanks RCSA! Have had a great time on the Gold Coast at the Leadership Edge Conference! #RCSAConf

John Wilson FRCSA ‏@johnwillywilson

Fantastic conference thank you RCSA. Love the industry and the people that make it. #RCSAConf

Susan Adams ‏@susiejadams

Thanks for another great conference @RCSAevents

Steve Shepherd FRCSA ‏@randstadshep

#RCSAConf Dr Adam Fraser you are a rock star...we needed to have you wake and shake us up!!

Tania Kapell APRCSA ‏@taniakapell

August 2013

"I have been to the last few RCSA Gala Balls, all of which have been great, however the highlight for me is being able to celebrate the wonderful achievements of the people within our industry."


Jacqui Barratt FRCSA salt Recruitment August 2013


"For me, the most important aspect of being a member of the RCSA is the provision of on-going professional development that keeps my staff and I at the forefront of the industry."

Deborah Ross FRCSA Hannaford Ross Group August 2013


"The RCSA PEARL Mentoring Program is a wonderful asset and well worth the time investment. It's helping me to take time out to focus on the bigger picture of my work. Thank you RCSA!"

Hannah Iranon MRCSA Sourced Ltd August 2013


"I have gained from the professional development activities that the RCSA has organised, the most notable is the PEARL program, of which I am a keen participant  as a mentor."

Ian Hamilton FRCSA Carroll Consulting Group August 2013

"I always enjoy the RCSA Gala Ball each year. It is an evening to catch up with my network within the industry, and hear how others are doing and all the news. It provides an excellent opportunity for the industry to showcase itself, to bring out the Tux, buy a new dress, and celebrate the achievements of others."

Helen Olivier FRCSA (Life) August 2013

"The RCSA International Conference is a fantastic event, where the industry can gain an understanding of best practice and strategic direction... in an inclusive and social environment."

Craig Watson FRCSA, Scott Recruitment Services, August 2013

"With the RCSA introducing the Workforce Info Line (WIL), we saved thousands of dollars by discontinuing our membership of another employer association we were using to provide the same advice. I also have more confidence in the WIL advice.”

Stephen Noble FRCSA, Australia Wide Personnel, August 2013

July 2013

"I really enjoyed the recently held AMRANZ Members Meeting and found it very interesting. It was great to have open discussions and get a broader insight into current issues and share stories. I would certainly be interested in attending another one and recommend to colleagues and friends within the industry."

Lisa Greene, Wavelength International, July 2013

“We are proud to be Corporate Members of The Recruitment and Consulting Services Association of Australia & New Zealand (RCSA) and are governed by their Code for Professional Conduct meaning that our clients receive a quality and consistent service."

Guy Wilson MRCSA, General Manager - 2XM Recruit Pty Ltd, February 2014


"We have benefited greatly from contract templates, OH&S guidance and updates, updates on Awards (with guidance), the business support service (WIL) and have always been highly satisfied with the information."

We used this information in the early days (which saved us thousands of dollars using the templates), and still do now.

It continues to save us time and money, and of course gives us the assurance that the information is industry tested, and abides by laws and the RCSA Code for Professional Practice."

Phil Isard FRCSA, Consultive, July 2013

"It was great to support the PEARL Consultant Forum. The members of the SEEK team who attended said it was “amazing”. Thank you again for asking us to be involved.

Sarah Wesley, SEEK NZ, July 2013

"One of the benefits of membership is the RCSA Journal sent out each quarter to all members. It's an excellent read and the past two issues have contained the sort of quality material that reinforces what excellent value-for-money RCSA membership is."

Ross Clennett FRCSA,, July 2013

"Your video message in Newshub is a great idea Steve. I enjoyed it and got to know more quickly what’s going on. Love it.”

Nick Beames FRCSA, Astute Payroll, July 2013

"Being an active participant of the association and the recruitment industry, has allowed Consultive to build a progressive business, thanks to all the services and support provided by the RCSA."

Phil Isard FRCSA, Consultive, July 2013


"It is because of our ongoing total satisfaction with the RCSA as both a service provider and industry peak body, that I recommend any business working in the  recruitment industry to join the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association."


Phil Isard FRCSA, Consultive, July 2013

"The NZ PEARL Consultant Forum was one of the best RCSA events I have been to – great range of speakers, inspirational and motivational. I came away from the event inspired."


Dean MacKay MRCSA, Enterprise Recruitment, July 2013

June 2013

"I explain to all of our clients that not only are we corporate members as a company,  but that I am a Fellow and every one of my team are individual members. We say we are proud to be RCSA members and it does make a difference."

Linda Kemp FRCSA, Complete Recruitment Solutions, June 2013

"The RCSA webinars and training are great for my team and I send them all on courses to suit their individual needs."

Linda Kemp FRCSA, Complete Recruitment Solutions, June 2013

"Once again the RSCA Awards night out preformed my expectations with 300 guests present. The night was spectacular."

Robert Blanche FRCSA (Life), The Bayside Group, June 2013

"The RCSA Gala Ball provided the perfect setting to catch up with old friends as well as meet new ones. Furthermore, it was great to celebrate the recruitment industry with 300 of its proudest members and supporters."

Matt Sampson, Director Aspect Personnel, June 2013

"Congratulations to the three RCSA Award winners. Recognition of one's performance by one's industry's peak body does not come easily and to be selected a finalist of the RCSA's awards is a privilege."

Robert Blanche FRCSA (Life), The Bayside Group, June 2013

May 2013

"What a terrific event last night’s Gala Ball, held in Sydney was! A most enjoyable evening which allowed so many RCSA members to celebrate this great industry we are in, readily sharing their "war stories". Excellent to see so many enjoying themselves…"

Peter Gleeson FRCSA (Life), May 2013

"We are thrilled and very excited to be finalists in the McLean Award for Workplace Safety."

Paula Cooper, CQ Nurse, May 2013

"I am finishing my e-learning of the RCSA Code. Fascinating format. Excellent content."

Amy Griffin, VISTA International, May 2013

"I am always so impressed with the quick responses I get from the folks at RCSA."

Amy Griffin ,VISTA International, May 2013

"It’s fantastic to know NZ WIL is available now - really liking resources going into RCSA NZ Corporate members."

Claire Frame, Director, Palmerston North Personnel

March 2013

The RCSA PEARL Consultant Forum was outstanding. The lineup of speakers was absolutely fantastic and the RCSA should be very proud of this."

Erin Devlin MRCSA, Devlin Alliance, March 2013

"I am absolutely over the moon to hear that I am a finalist for the RCSA PEARL award, how exciting!!"

Tara Hutchinson, Talent2, March 2013