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Commence Online Code Training Now

All nominated Corporate Member representatives and all Individual Members are required to complete RCSA Code training.

Please note that in addition to the nominated corporate representative completing online Code training, all corporate member staff working directly with clients and workseekers are also required to read and understand the Code for Professional Conduct and complete online Code training.

RCSA will record in its membership database details of individuals who complete Code training and assessment. A certficate will be issued to those staff members on completion.

Learning Outcomes

To understand

  • The key points of the Code
  • How the Code works
  • What the 2 General Principles mean to everyday recruitment practice
  • How the 8 Specific Principles contribute to the ethical and professional framework of the RCSA Code
  • How the Transition Guideline supports ethical and professional business practice
  • All RCSA Members agree to abide by the Code for Professional Conduct.

Time Required to Complete Code Training

The time required to complete the training module varies from person to person. You should allow one hour, not including the self assessment time, however you may stop and return to the training at any time. 

Continuing Professional Development Points

Completing Code training achieves 5 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points. Click here to access the CPD Guidelines


A certificate will be emailed to you on completion of Code training.

The RCSA platform that delivers code training is currently under construction. In the meantime you can contact the RCSA to receive access to the Code Training module:

1300 727 504

On Completion

We would welcome your feedback and experience with your Code training in order to improve our service to you. Please contact us