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  ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q2/2016

  Australian ICT Recruitment Market Update - Q3 2015   November 2015
  Indeed - Opportunities &Challenges forAustralian TechEmployers   November 2015
  Adecco - The Reality of Talent (Issue 10)   June 2015
  Manpower Employment Outlook Survey 2015 Q3   Q3 2015
  Labour Force, Australia, Feb 2015 
  February 2015
  Labour Force, Australia, Jan 2015 
  January 2015
  Manpower Employment Outlook Survey 2015   Q1 2015
  Manpower Employment Outlook Survey 2014
  Q4 2014
  Salary Guide Kelly Services Salary Guide 2014   2014
  Hays Quarterly Report, October – December 2014
  December 2014
  Hays white paper on gender diversity:  “Gender Diversity, Why Aren't We Getting It Right?”
  October 2014
  Hays Global Skills Index   October 2014
  The Annual Hays Salary Guide   June 2014
  ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey    Q3 July 2014
  ManpowerGroup 2014 Talent Shortage Infographic   June 2014
  ManpowerGroup 2014 Talent Shortage Survey results Presentation     June 2014
  ManpowerGroup Interactive Talent Shortage Explorer Tool   June 2014
  Stop blaming women: Prescribing a 21st Century approach to gender diversity   May 2014
  Chandler Macleod - Coming of Age - The impacts of an ageing workforce on Australian business   March 2014
  ManpowerGroup - 2014 Organisational Agility Survey 
Key Findings – Australia & New Zealand
  March 2014
  AWPA: Australian Recruitment Practices   March 2014
  ManpowerGroup Cracking The Case - Why you need women leaders: How to get them and keep them
  March 2014
  ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey    Q2 April - June 2014
  ILO Global Employment Trends 2014: unemployment rises; positive role of private employment services recognised
  January 2014
  ManpowerGroup Simplify to win in the human age: Organisational agility a must in certain uncertainty   2014

Kelly Services Gen Now: Understanding the Multi-Gen Workforce and the Coming Leadership Deficit

  Avant White Paper - Greatest HR/Recruitment Challenges Facing Northern Territory Employers   November 2013
  International Labor Organization: Global Employment Trends   January 2014
  SEEK Employment Index: Economic factors resulting in varying employment conditions across states   December 2013
  ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey Q1 (Jan - March) 2014   December 2013
  Deloitte/AHRI: Rethinking social media   October 2013
  Temporary assignments a long-term solution   October 2013
  She works hard for the money: Australian women and the gender divide   April 2009
  5 Staffing Metrics for your Workweek   October 2013
  Hay Group: People Intelligence: 21st Century Assessment   October 2013
  Gallup State of the Global Workforce Report 2013   October 2013
  Job ads steady in September: SEEK October Employment Index report   October 2013
  Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Australia Q4 2013   September 2013
  Paid Parental Leave scheme Employer Toolkit   September 2013
  Adecco: The Reality of Talent Diversity   September 2013
  Diversity should be re-named inclusion   September 2013
  HAYS: Tomorrow's Workforce   September 2013
  HAYS research: Temporary Workers: A Permanent Solution   September 2013
  How Recruiters Can Help You Get Noticed, Get Access and Get Smart   September 2013
  Social Media and Marketing Industry Report   September 2013
  Microsoft survey on enterprise social use and perceptions   August 2013
  Working together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work   August 2013
  Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Bill 2013   August 2013
  ABS Labour Force statistics   July 2013
  Comparison of Workers’ Compensation Arrangements in Australia and New Zealand 2013   July 2013
  Business Council of Australia: Action Plan for Enduring Prosperity   July 2013
  The Great Debate: Flexibility vs. Face Time  - Busting the Myths Behind Flexible Work Arrangements    2013
  Untapped opportunity: The role of women in unlocking Australia's productivity potential   July 2013
  WorkSafe Victoria Labour Hire Claims Performance   June 2013
  Manpower Employment Outlook Survey – Q3 2013 (July-September)   July 2013
  The great Talent Shortage Awakening: Actions to take for a sustainable workforce   July 2013
  Adecco social media whitepaper   July 2013
  AWPA releases ICT workforce study   July 2013
  Fairfax Employment Forecast - May 2013   May 2013
  Labour Statistics in Brief, Australia 2013   June 2013
  ABS Forms of Employment   April 2013
  Seek Employment Index   May 2013
  Robert Walters Social Media white paper   2013
  Robert Walters Global Salary Survey   2013
  SEEK Employment Index   March 2013
  Worksafe labour hire claims performance   March 2013
  Estimating Jobs in the Australian Labour Market - Australian Bureau of Statistics   February 2013
  Manpower employment outlook survey   Q2/13
  DEEWR Vacancy Report January 2013   January 2013
  Australian Bureau of Statistics-ABS-Labour Force, Australia, Jan 2013 Key figures   January 2013
  SEEK Employment Index   January 2013
  ABS labour force statistics for December 2012   January 2013
  Manpower Employment Outlook Survey Q1/2013   January 2013
International Labour Office, Geneva - Global Employment Trends 2013   January 2013
Chandler Macleod - 5 Faces of Productivity   January 2013
  Australian Bureau of Statistics-ABS-Labour Force, Australia, Nov 2012 Key figures   November 2012
  Australia's unemployment rate decreased 0.1 percentage points to 5.2 per cent in November 2012  
  Kelly Global Workforce Index - The autonomous and empowered workforce   September 2012
Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency-Future focus: Australia's skills and workforce development needs (July 2012)   July 2012
  Adecco Group Temporary Labour Report   February 2012
   Clarius Skill Index February Quarter 2012    February 2012
  Chandler Macleod - Workplace Barometer  
  Chandler Macleod - Leadership in a Patchwork Economy   June 2012
     DEEWR Vacancy Report      2012
  Clarius Skill Index September Quarter 2011   September 2011
  Hays Quarterly Reports   2012
  HRO2 Research  
  Kelly Salary Guides 2012   2012
  Labour and Immigration Research Centre    
  How policy Makers can boost Youth Employment   Oct 2012
  ILO Report Youth Employment   May 2012
  Manpower Employment Outlook Survey   Q4 2012
  Manpower Research - How to advance the capabilites of today's workforce   2012
  ManpowerGroup - Wanted: Energised, Career-Driven Youth.pdf   April 2012
  Michael Page Employment Index   2011 - 2012
     Quarterly Labour Market Report      September 2012
     Randstad - Employee outlook for 2012: a mixed picture      January 2012>
     Randstad - Into the gap      June 2012
  Robert Walters - Australia-salary-survey-2011.pdf   March 2011
  Robert Walters - Australia-salary-survey-2012.pdf   March 2012
  Robert Walters - 2012 Global salary survey   2012
  SEEK Employment Index- November 2012.pdf   November 2012
  SEEK Employment Index   2011 - 2012
  The Hudson Report - Employment and HR Trends.pdf   April-June 2012

This page contains resources for researching the recruitment and human resources services industry which includes permanent recruitment, on-hire, contracting and outsourced human resources services. There is a wide variety of research and statistic gathering being undertaken at any one time. Research material is available from RCSA, from research departments within Member companies, from international associations as well as from governments, universities, institutes both private and public and independent research organisations.

Information and Statistics Related to Employment and Business in Australia & New Zealand


Australian Bureau of Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics is committed to providing our clients with statistical information to meet user needs.

Australian Public Service Commission

The APS Commission issues a range of information covering a wide range of HR issues. The following books, brochures and forms are current under the Public Service Act 1999 unless otherwise indicated. Areas covered are employment policy and practice, human resource areas and senior managers of APS agencies, employees, job seekers, policy matters, education, employment and workplace relations, and the like.

Department of Employment, Education and Workplace Relations Australia

The Department implements policies and programs to provide education and training opportunities, increase employment participation, and ensure safe, fair and successful workplaces.

Department of Immigration and Citizenship Australia

The Department has a variety of research projects on immigration, population and settlement issues as well as statistical support for the distribution of immigration, multicultural and population data to other government agencies and the community generally.

Productivity Commission of Australia

The Productivity Commission is the Australian Government's independent research and advisory body on a range of economic, social and environmental issues affecting the welfare of Australians. The Publications section contains a range of reports and a search engine.

Department of Labour New Zealand

The New Zealand Department of Labour’s primary role is to improve the performance of the labour market and, through this, strengthen the economy and increase the standard of living for those in New Zealand. The Labour Market Dynamics group strengthens the Department’s knowledge base and provides stakeholders with authoritative labour market knowledge and insights.
Department of Labour Update - July 2011

Immigration New Zealand

The International Migration, Settlement, and Employment Dynamics (IMSED) Research Team is responsible for the Department of Labour’s research on, and evaluation of, immigration and settlement issues facing New Zealand in a globally competitive environment.

Statistics New Zealand

Statistics New Zealand is New Zealand's national statistical office. It administers the Statistics Act 1975, and is the country's major source of official statistics.

WorkPlace Gender Equality Agency Australia

The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012, which comes into full effect in 2014-15. It includes compulsory employer requirements to report on six standardised gender equality indicators, including the gender make-up of staff and board, equal remuneration, and a commitment to flexible working practices that support workers with families.

International Association’s Statistics and Resources

American Staffing Association

American Staffing Association is the voice of the staffing industry in the United States and the leading source for industry data, statistics, and research. Whether you're researching a story, looking for market or operations data, or evaluating the industry, you'll find informative and useful data for interpretation.


As the International Confederation of Private Employment Agencies, CIETT is the authoritative voice representing the interests of agency work businesses. Available research includes agency work key indicators, the world industry, temporary agency work and collective bargaining in the EU, and perspectives on the sector.

Recruitment and Employment ConfederationThe Recruitment and Employment Confederation is the trade body that supports and represents the UK recruitment industry. Available resources include INSITE, a salary and benefits survey, tracking report, and ad-hoc research such as “The Future of Managed Services in Recruitment” and “How Recruitment is changing and why it matters.”



University Research Centre

Flex Work Research Centre

Flex Work Research Centre is a joint initiative launched by ABU (the Dutch association of temporary work agencies) and the University of Amsterdam. ABU and CIETT finance the Research Monitor. The HIS and AIAS Institutes of the University of Amsterdam manage the website and provide information on research reports and articles relating to temporary employment in the broadest sense.

International Institute for Labour Studies

The International Institute for Labour Studies (IILS) was established by the International Labour Organisation in 1960 as a centre for advanced studies in the social and labour field to further a better understanding of labour issues through education and research. It produces the ‘World of Work Report.’ The ‘International Labour Review’ is a global multidisciplinary journal of labour and social policies, published under the auspices of the IILS.

University of Newcastle

The University of Newcastle is the most research intensive university outside of an Australian capital city. Ranked ninth among Australia's universities for research, Newcastle's reputation is for innovation, excellence and research with impact.
Working paper - Does casual employment provide a "stepping stone" to better work prospects?

Workplace Research Centre

The Workplace Research Centre provides high quality research, training and conferences on all aspects of work and working life. Based in the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Economics and Business, WRC is one of Australia’s leading authorities on the changing nature of work. Areas of expertise are labour law, industrial relations, human resources, skills formation, political economy, management, organisational psychology, superannuation, Occupational Health & Safety, economics, training and education, public policy and sociology.
Recruitment & Human Resources Service Companies Research Centres


Adecco Institute

The Adecco Institute is a research centre focused on thought leadership in the field of work and how work impacts individuals, regions and organisations. The site houses the Demographic Fitness Survey which measures how well companies are prepared for change; the 2007 Youth White Paper which discusses transitioning from education to work; the 2007 China White Paper looking at workforce trends and the impact of Chinese labour laws; and a paper on Human Resource Development.

Hays Workplace Insights

Hays is a specialist recruitment firm. Their Workplace Series includes the Creating an Employment Brand report; Portraying Generation Y Report; Employee Productivity Report; Training & Development Report; and Work Life Balance Report. The CareerWrap includes information on How Things Have Changed; Sunshine Good News for Business; The 9 to 5 Myth; What Bosses Look For; and New Year Career?
Creating Jobs in a Global Economy 2011 – 2030
Temporary Workers: A permanent solution April 2013
Tomorrow's Workforce April 2013

HRO2 Research

HRO2 Research is Australia’s first company dedicated to employment intelligence and data analytics. The field of data and analytics is increasingly important to recruiters and their stakeholders. Superior knowledge provides a competitive advantage over your peers. HRO2 Research is able to provide detailed analysis at a sectoral level on a regional, national and international level allowing recruitment firms to build their brand as expert to clients, prospects and candidates. HRO2 Research provide the data, resources and expertise to organisations that do not have the resources to do it themselves.

Hudson Market Insights

Hudson produces a wide range of reports and white papers that identify and address the latest talent management issues impacting employers. These include employment expectations and salary guides.

Manpower Research Centre

Economists, journalists, university researchers and think tanks are among the thousands of thought leaders who closely follow Manpower research, utilising data to help them assess and forecast the health and direction of the world’s labour markets. This page includes research on Employment & the Labour Market; Audit, Accounting and Taxation; and Organisational Performance.

Peoplebank Intermedium Federal ICT Labour Hire Index

The Index specifically measures the average cost of an average unit of labour hire providing an average amount of effort derived by Intermedium from ICT labour hire contracts reported by Federal Government against a 2003/2004 baseline.

Robert Walters

Robert Walters produces research and market intelligence information for our clients as well as our candidates. We know it can be difficult to keep up to date with what is happening around the globe so we've made it easy for you. The Robert Walters Salary Survey, events and news updates will ensure you have access to the information you need to know about employment trends in Australia. 


Smartmanager was established and launched by Kelly Services in 2000. It includes an online newsletter and a mix of research, opinion and case studies around the stages of human capital including recruitment, learning and development, performance, retention, human resources, compliance, and outsourcing and consulting. 

Talent2 Knowledge Centre

The Talent2 Knowledge Centre offers a chance to share in Talent2’s experience and expertise through white papers, news releases, case studies and industry commentarie.


WorkPro Research

We believe it is critical to survey and test theories about workplace  issues, including opinions about safety and EEO, so we have taken  regular opinion polls about different topics, and share the questions  and results here.

Independent Research Centres


Australian Business Foundation

The Australian Business Foundation is an independent organisation undertaking evidence-based research to deliver fresh insights and practical intelligence to boost Australia’s capabilities and global competitiveness. Research is undertaken in the areas of clustering, collaboration, globalisation, innovation, the knowledge economy, manufacturing, public policy imperatives, and rural issues.

Dr John Sullivan and Associates

DJS is a human resources management advisory service and training firm based on the thought leadership of author, advisor, and educator Dr John Sullivan. Founded in Pacifica, California in 2000, DJS has worked on projects and delivered content to professionals in more than 27 countries. Research publications and articles include human resources technologies, screening and assessment, sourcing, retention, recruiting tools, recruiting strategy, human resources metrics, new hire orientation, human resources strategy, workforce planning, college recruiting and employment branding.

McKinsey Global institute

MGI’s independent investigations combine McKinsey’s microeconomic understanding of companies and industries with the rigour of leading macroeconomic thinking to derive perspectives on the global forces shaping business, government and society.

Saratoga Institute

The Saratoga Institute is the research arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Research is based around attitudinal surveys and metrics in the three areas of workforce effectiveness, human resource program effectiveness and human resource delivery effectiveness.