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RCSA Code of Professional Conduct

RCSA Code of Professional Conduct: Professional Standards for Leaders in the World of Work


The RCSA Code of Professional Conduct embodies the required standards of professional behaviour for all RCSA members.

The RCSA Code of Professional Conduct (Code) and its Professional Conduct Grievance Intervention Guidelines (PCGIG) are authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) AA1000435.

By choosing RCSA members when seeking workforce services providers, candidates, jobseekers, workers, clients, businesses and government can expect a high standard of ethical conduct and professional behaviour. The new version of the Code of Professional Conduct requires all members to meet the standard of professional conduct required and ensure their businesses are run with operational integrity.

Successful completion of the online module is mandatory as per RCSA By-Laws for Corporate Membership and or Individual Membership wishing to maintain Professional Member status.

To support members in understanding and meeting the requirements, as well as supporting the broader community to understand the Code in detail, RCSA provides Code Guidelines and other interpretive and operational materials.

The RCSA Code for Professional Conduct is issued by the authority of the Recruitment Consulting & Staffing Association Australia & New Zealand.

What is covered in the RCSA Code of Professional Conduct: 

  • Understanding the purpose of the RCSA Code
  • Explain your responsibilities in relation to the RCSA Code
  • Understand Principles of Personal Professionalism
  • Understand Principles of Operational Integrity
  • Understand what Members must do to enact the Code

Who is Required to Complete the Code

  • Corporate Members and their representatives i.e. any staff having a responsibility for the supply of an Employment Service
  • Individual Members

How to Register:

  • Login to your Member Profile via the RCSA Homepage
  • Navigate to the Memberships | RCSA Code & Compliance Landing Page
  • Select the 'Click Here to Register for Code Training'
  • 'Add the Item' to your cart and complete the 'Proceed to the Checkout' function
  • You will receive an 'Order Confirmation' confirming your enrollment
  • Within 24-36 hours you will receive an email from the RCSA Membership Team detailing your login credentials to access and complete the Code training


  • via the RCSA online learning platform
  • access to an e-learning module where participants are then required to complete short assessment quiz
  • upon successful completion participants will be issued an auto-generated certificate 

For More Information:

RCSA  Members within Australia call 1300 727 504
Members within New Zealand call toll free + 0800 441 904
E: [email protected]

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