Association of Medical Recruiters Australia & New Zealand


AMRANZ represents the interests of medical workforce agencies in Australia and New Zealand. Members work closely with health services to identify and bring together a highly skilled and experienced medical workforce.

AMRANZ members are guided by a Code for Professional Conduct and are recognised for their commitment to quality and ethical practices.

The Association of Medical Recruiters Australia New Zealand (AMRANZ) provides a focal point for recruitment consultancies whose business is the recruitment of medical practitioners into and within Australia and New Zealand.

AMRANZ is a member group of the Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association Australia and New Zealand (RCSA). AMRANZ is responsible for ensuring continued growth of the industry and professionalism of individuals within the industry.

Benefits of AMRANZ

  • Exceptional continuing professional development.
  • Industry lobbying and key issue management.
  • Exemplifies quality, integrity and industry cooperation.
  • Members with an expert understanding of medical recruitment.

How to become a member today

Recruitment agencies can become an AMRANZ member through the RCSA Member signup process.

Alternatively please contact RCSA via email at [email protected].

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