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RCSA Preferred Partners

RCSA Preferred Partners represent the trusted suppliers to the recruitment & staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to providing exceptional products and services, they have the best interests of our industry at heart through their active support of the RCSA community.

All RCSA Preferred Partners commit to abiding by our Responsible Business Partner Code of Conduct (RBP). Click here for more information on the code.

RCSA Principal Partner Prime Super

Prime Super is a profit-to-members super fund who has provided super and retirement solutions to Australians for over 20 years.

Prime Super is excited to be the RCSA’s principal partner and we look forward to building a long-term partnership. Click here to learn more about Prime Super.

AI, Data & Automation

CompanyPartner Bio Sml
CloudCallCloudCallOur communications platform provides intelligence for businesses through enabling and capturing calls, chats and collaboration to deliver a single view of multi-channel customer interactions.dc559d55-9874-427d-9d4f-ead9d860ff35
DaXtra TechnologiesDaXtra TechnologiesDaxtra delivers significant returns and extra efficiencies to its customers by automating a wide range of talent acquisition and recruitment business processes through its powerful AI and machine learning technology.ccc31671-6712-42e0-9617-8b954495b5b5
ONBOARDEDONBOARDEDOnboarded is a digital solution that simplifies & automates the onboarding process. Simple to use for both recruiters & candidates, it has the flexibility to work for any organisation.a00430b5-20ec-43bc-bcf2-c7070d3754ae
Recruiter InsiderRecruiter InsiderRecruiter Insider works with agencies to measure and improve the candidate and client experience throughout the entire hiring process, strengthen relationships with your clients, increase brand awareness and win new business faster.6819f747-e02e-4ea1-a1be-5dbcbfa8daa1
smartAI Pty LtdsmartAI Pty LtdPersonalise communications at scale. Anytime. Anywhere. With anyone… Utilise the power of conversational AI chatbots, automation and deep API integrations to augment your recruiters, keep your talent pool updated and boost overall agency efficiency.eaba1117-f7da-4a1c-b0b2-9b3f157dccdd
VxtVxtVxt is the #1 phone system for recruiters used by customers all over the world built right here in Australasia.a8170018-cd2d-464f-80e5-03488a8aface

Business Support

CompanyPartner Bio Sml
888X888X888X uses it’s deep industry expertise to provide advice that creates value to the recruiting and staffing firm.a13c9b68-7416-4bc3-976f-3bcaef34c9a4
Abbott Insurance BrokersAbbott Insurance BrokersWe specialize in risk advice and insurance solutions for business and personal clients nationwide.70057aad-b471-43a0-b28d-df2e56405468
HnryHnryHnry is one of Australasia's largest and fastest growing accountancies that provides a pay-as-you-go all-in-one digital accounting service handling invoicing, expenses, payments, taxes, filings as well as providing expert on-demand support.fe5e9dd8-f257-4cb7-a7d3-a7d13a13cb10
RCSA InsuranceRCSA InsuranceWe negotiate competitive premiums and the best policy covers. We also review client service agreements, manage all your claims and work to a fair fee.6d78e073-cc68-4b32-851d-264fbf27ead6
ScotPacScotPacScotPac is one of the largest non-bank business lenders servicing both sides of the Tasman, offering more choice when it comes to finance & funding solutions. We’re proud of our track record in helping businesses to grow and thrive, locally & abroad.02b8b30b-2732-4323-bf75-2b53ea43d1b4
Source LegalSource LegalSource provides a smarter way to source professional expertise for your business with on-tap Legal, HR and CFO services to businesses of all sizes, via agreed-price monthly retainers.582bfece-4fb7-486c-bdd6-1e50333eb913
Staff Domain IncStaff Domain IncStaff Domain helps small and medium businesses around the world build happier, healthier, richer organisations.bd3bb65c-cacd-493c-a78e-8e88056f9ca5
Talegent Pty LtdTalegent Pty LtdHelping you navigate the current candidate-tight market, we provide you with the tools and expertise to broaden your talent pool and find the top candidates, fast.b6d1c6f5-e975-4ff3-a0a9-7d4cc7c49eb5
The McGinn PartnershipThe McGinn PartnershipThe McGinn Partnership services B2B SMEs with Sales & Marketing teams from 5 to 50+ and works in all states and territories as well as NZ. The firm is industry agnostic & includes BD transformation for Professional Services organisations.622b5ce6-1e69-44f0-b63c-199d5fc8cadd

Applicant Tracking Systems

CompanyPartner Bio Sml
Bullhorn InternationalBullhorn InternationalBullhorn is the global leader in software for the recruitment industry. More than 10,000 companies rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to power their recruitment processes from start to finish.cf5ef6e8-5242-4682-983d-57b521214467
Entire OnHireEntire OnHireEntire OnHire is the only complete recruitment software designed to streamline the processes of Australian labour-hire/staffing agencies.465b0554-2364-4e7c-8493-cb2374fa4714
JobAdderJobAdderJobAdder is an innovative B2B, cloud-based SaaS platform designed to help make recruiting more efficient and joyful for everyone.29a9b9b8-77a5-467d-afba-f757dd785b9d
MercuryMercuryMercury helps recruitment agencies leverage technology to become more efficient, more connected, and to make more placements.60defe2f-c81c-45c3-9639-e8bbe89f7a88
RDBnow Pty LtdRDBnow Pty LtdRDBnow is a leading provider of recruitment software to agencies and organisations of all sizes. RDB ProNet, our flagship CRM, is fully scalable and integrates with an innovative portfolio of modular business tools.2c06433c-b556-49ad-9f90-d61fec577692
Recruit WizardRecruit WizardOur software is second to none and provides industry-leading features, and 100% Australian-based support, at a price point that will make you believe magic.05253119-0925-4fd2-994f-5870803bc3bf
TurboTurboTurbo is designed to help recruiters to better manage the entire recruitment process. Our Talent Acquisition/Application Tracking Software (TAS/ATS) provides a complete set of features to reduce your hiring costs while finding you the right candidated7b7d929-4e8f-4546-9cb1-3e45d95c942c
VincereVincereVincere is the Recruitment Operating System. The all-in-one #RecOS purpose-built for recruitment & staffing agencies worldwide.cdf027a0-f764-41b6-88df-d561e048c4b0

Job Marketing

CompanyPartner Bio Sml
ApplyflowApplyflowApplyflow are the global leader in recruitment websites and white-label job board technology.c8b81d34-31f2-4e15-85ed-da97da099ae1
Broadbean Technology Pty LtdBroadbean Technology Pty LtdBroadbean has successfully delivered global job distribution and media advertising to an array of businesses worldwide for over 20 years.4ca20544-dadb-4b1c-9315-701ffe21f56d
HealthcareLinkHealthcareLinkHealthcareLink is Australia’s #1 healthcare and medical industry network with a unique online recruitment & hiring management platform that allows recruiters & employers to connect with the best-matched candidates that fit their exact hiring criteria94da2f6c-5357-4168-9609-46aa9bb99751
IdibuIdibuidibu is a mobile friendly, candidate attraction platform, designed to compliment and maximise your Recruitment CRM.a3422ee6-bfa8-499a-b980-4be68b6606d3
Indeed Australia Pty LtdIndeed Australia Pty LtdIndeed is the #1 job site in the world55a19f10-6bb8-44c8-8878-33aecacb079f
SEEK LimitedSEEK LimitedSEEK is a diverse group of companies, comprised of a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial and volunteer businesses.35dcce1a-fca4-4310-81d1-9da4f076d7bd
ShazammeShazammeShazamme is the latest and best recruitment website and marketing technology globally. You will love our easy to use drag & drop, enterprise grade, SEO optimised and great value websites.a5718884-4688-42df-9e2f-8fa43d455c7d
SourcrSourcrSourcr is a customer reviews and feedback platform for recruiters. Truly understand how your clients and candidates feel about your service, identify opportunities to improve and retain and grow your existing customer base.21da4348-c0b8-4ecf-aab0-4658dcd210ac
Trade Me JobsTrade Me JobsOur products and packages are designed to give Kiwi businesses maximum exposure to New Zealand’s active and passive candidates.fca1d0a0-e178-42db-adef-ebf0e3b45fd1
Volcanic Technology Pty LtdVolcanic Technology Pty LtdVolcanic is the global leader in recruitment websites accelerating candidate attraction and client engagement.66891f3a-0e6d-4a02-a52d-1877de57e854
WorkinAUSWorkinAUSGet people here! Solve your labour shortage with WorkinAUS...your direct line to a wider international talent market.3fd10490-bea8-4943-936d-eefdae1fd127


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