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How to move your recruitment business model from contingent to retained

RCSA is proud to release the Retain a Recruiter Playbook

There’s been a lot of change in recent times, some good, some not so good. However, we’ve certainly been given time to think and reflect upon what’s important in life and work.

Every day we pour our lives into finding the perfect outcomes for our clients and candidates. But honestly, you’d have to search a long way to find another profession where all that expertise is given away gratis. Yet, despite this, so many recruiters still opt for the contingent fee model and I feel strongly that the time has come to take a stand and replace contingent fees with the true partnership that comes with the retained recruitment service model.

 That is why RCSA has created the ‘Retain a Recruiter’ Playbook and I invite you, my fellow professional, to stand with me, for a better future. A better industry.

We gathered the experts from here and overseas and distilled their best ideas and tips on making that first step and created a handbook to help others make the transition.

As an industry we need to improve our belief in ourselves to partner with our clients. We need to stop falling into a subservient role, forgetting that we are the ones with the expertise, forgetting the “consulting” part of our job titles.

The more our recruitment consultants understand that working retained is in both the clients’ and candidates’ best interests, the more they will understand the process and have the confidence to back themselves, and the more likely it is that clients will go for it.

One of the keys to success is helping our members train their teams to understand how it works so they can help clients.

We, at RCSA, are encouraging everyone to delve into the playbook, adopt it and share it, far and wide.

We’re releasing the playbook now and will follow it up with a campaign in February next year, backed by influencers like you. So join us in making our future better. Better for clients, better for candidates and better for our community.

We’re optimistic that this is the beginning of a change that will sweep through our industry. The playbook is available for download here and I encourage you to have a look and share it.


Nina Mapson Bone
RCSA Board President

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