New Zealand Members Invited to Join the Construction Sector Accord’s Latest Webinar

10 May 2022

On Wednesday 18 May 2022 at 3pm (NZT), the Construction Sector Accord will hold their latest webinar, titled: Innovation in Construction.

As members who supply into the construction sector will be aware, the industry is currently facing a productivity challenge. While construction ranks second highest in GDP growth, it is only ninth in labour productivity growth. As such, innovation and new ways of constructing is vital for New Zealand to achieve a productive and profitable construction sector.

The free webinar will further explore why innovation is important for the construction sector, offering members the chance to hear from expert speakers on what government and industry are doing to address productivity through new technologies and practices.

The session will go for 45 minutes and members can register here.

As always, if members have any questions regarding the webinar, we invite you to connect with Ines Hage Nebyl in the Advocacy Team at [email protected] or on +61 448 332 620.