RCSA L&D trainer Cam Elliot talking leadership, empowering rising talent

11 May 2022

Since 2018, Founder and Facilitator of Elevate Corporate Training, Cameron Elliot  has been influential in helping RCSA members develop intrinsic leadership qualities thanks to his innovative Emerging Leaders Program.

The Emerging Leaders Program provides new and upcoming leaders with the skill sets, behaviours, and confidence to be great team leaders.

From sharing his thoughts on new leaders supporting Next Gen talent, in this edition of The Brief, to providing advice for those embarking on leadership role for the first time, Cam’s advice is both salient and inspiring.

How does your Emerging Leaders program empower rising talent?

Cam said the emerging leaders program provides new, and emerging, leaders with a suite of behavioural skill sets which help to build the confidence needed to become better team leaders.

Cam said the transition from a billing recruiter to manager or managing recruiter, was ‘probably the most difficult shift in a recruitment consultant’s career’. “What made them a successful recruitment consultant will not necessarily be the skills they need to succeed in this new phase. So, through the Emerging Leaders Program, we support transitioning staff to make sure they are set up to succeed, not to fail,” Cam said.

What advice can you share for new leaders to develop their authentic confidence and ways to ease into their own personal management style?

According to Cam less is more. “Don’t try and do everything at once. Take the time to listen to your staff,” he said.

Cam explained the role of a leader was to support the team through activities like coaching and training - providing both positive and constructive feedback to ensure their strategy was effective for the business and the team.

Can you share your thoughts on the organisational values new leaders need in their role developing and supporting the retention of new talent?

“It’s critical for emerging leaders to develop empathy for their team members,” Cam said.

Cam said business is challenging in the current climate and ‘great leadership’ starts with ‘understanding your team’ and knowing ‘their motivators’. This, alongside knowing their personalities, and how they communicate, is of prime importance.

“Empathy and a desire to see others succeed are the values that will lead to your own personal success, “Cam said.

What are some of the behaviours or traits that you have seen derail leaders’ careers?

Cam said the most common mistake he has seen was emerging leaders trying to “do” everything instead of learning to manage ‘their resources to ensure successful outcomes’.

“It doesn’t mean you can slack off; you will probably work harder than you have before. But acknowledging that success comes from the team, not just yourself, will prevent the most common pitfall we see in emerging leaders.”

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership role for the first time?

Cam’s advice: patience is virtue. “If you are promoted into a leadership position, you are most likely a high performer,” he said. “You probably want to instil your own values and processes right from the get-go but take the time to understand your team’s strengths and weaknesses.”

“What worked for you might not be right for everyone. But don’t shy away from the core values you really believe in,” he said.

Cam often provides leadership workshops through the RCSA Learning and Development Program. If you would like to find out more about the Learning and Development training on offer visit the RCSA website .