The recruitment and staffing industry world is your PEARL

18 May 2022

At RCSA we’re passionate about growing recruitment leaders, and there’s never any better time than now to fast track learning and build strong personal connections.

PEARL (Professional, Emerging and Aspiring Recruitment Leaders) Mentors and RCSA New Zealand Council Representatives Troy Turner MRCSA   and Rob Woodward  have been supporting aspiring leaders to see the big picture in their recruitment and staffing role.

Troy, who has been a PEARL mentor for two years, described his journey as a rewarding avenue for a willing group of mentors and mentees to sharing real life experiences and gaining cadence and momentum as a result.

Being a mentor has been a gratifying experience for Rob too who was able to connect with a mentee and helped them navigate through the turbulence of COVID.

“If you are thinking about becoming a mentor, it really does connect you back and give back and it’s really important to help. If you are thinking about becoming a mentee, it will help you turbo your career,” Rob said.

RCSA 2020 Rising Star Finalist, PEARL Mentee and Next Gen Collective Representative Jordan Eades APRCSA  said it was invaluable to have the Director of a well-established and successful recruitment agency facilitate her growth.

Receiving the backing and encouragement from her mentor, Jordan said her goal was to be a leader in her industry.

“It has been so amazing that we have formed a really amazing friendship and in fact are actually meeting up tomorrow to have another catch up and iron out any challenges or questions that I might have and talk about the industry as a whole,” Jordan said.

“So please, don’t hesitate; enrol yourself, for either a mentor or a mentee and contribute to your professional development and maybe somebody else's.”

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To learn more about the PEARL program and to find out how you can be a mentor and/or mentee click here.