Announcing Preferred Partner Staff Domain

29 June 2022

We are pleased to announce that leading business process offshoring organisation, Staff Domain , has partnered with RCSA.

Staff Domain help small and medium businesses around the world grow happier, healthier, and more profitable organisations. They do this by helping their clients build and nurture high performing teams in South Africa and The Philippines. They work with recruitment agencies around the world as their plan B – when they can’t find, retain, or afford the talent they need to grow their business.

Hire staff offshore, and open the door to greater efficiencies, less workload stress, and more time for business growth. Your offshore staff can take on time-consuming, process-driven tasks. In turn, freeing up your local team to focus on high value work that brings in the deals and the best candidates.

Recruitment agencies can turn to Staff Domain to find highly qualified, fully vetted talent with years of experience. Your staff will be 100% on your team as a full-time staff member – but based at Staff Domain’s world-class facilities. Staff Domain do all the heavy lifting around operations, Payroll, IT, HR, and all other support functions. So, you can focus solely on your hiring needs. The fact that costs are around 60% cheaper than onshore is a bonus!

Book a Free Consultation with Staff Domain

Spend 15 minutes sharing your goals and challenges with Staff Domain and receive a custom offshore outsourcing strategy for your business. Their free Growth Pack is a valuable piece of research for your business, mapping out the best offshore outsourcing approach for your needs. It includes recommended roles, full pricing, business requirements and more. Book an obligation free consultation here.

Learn how Staff Domain is helping recruitment agencies

Learn about Staff Domain’s solutions for recruitment agencies, and how they can help you hire better, faster with offshore staff. Discover the roles you could outsource offshore and see CVs from exceptional talent in the Philippines and South Africa. Learn more here.