Become an Industry Leader – RCSA is Calling for Council Nominations

22 June 2022

RCSA CEO Charles Cameron on why you should join the RCSA Council

RCSA, as your industry body, is truly leading in the world of work thanks to an empowered membership and influential councils.

If you are passionate and committed to a strong and highly professional industry we invite you to nominate for a seat at the leadership table on an RCSA Council. We at RCSA are inviting members to nominate to be appointed, or elected, on a Council where you will be given the opportunity to take RCSA, and the industry, to another level.

Governed by the RCSA Board of Directors, and supported by our Executive Team, RCSA’s success is dependent upon five Australian Regional Councils, a New Zealand Council and two Member Group Councils which represent the health and medical sectors.

Each of the Councils are represented on the RCSA Board of Directors and each Council Member is assigned a portfolio which aligns with RCSA’s four Channels of Member value and influence. The Council portfolios ensure clear and focused contributions are obtained from each and every member of Council.

Key responsibilities for members of Council include promoting the RCSA, contributing to policy formation, generating new ideas and initiatives, being an ambassador of integrity and loyalty, contributing at Council meetings and building positive relationships within the industry and other stakeholders such as client industry bodies, procurement representatives and government agencies.

Regional and Member Group Councils meet once a quarter, either face-to-face or through video-conferencing.

Any RCSA Corporate Member employee or Accredited Individual Member can nominate for a position on a Council. Nominees relevant Regional Councils are determined based upon your principal place of work with Councils representing NSW/ACT, Victoria/Tasmania, Queensland/NT, WA, SA and New Zealand.

Click here to access the nomination form.

Nominations close on 12 July.

Please contact Carly Thomas, RCSA’s Executive & Member Group Coordinator, on [email protected] if you have any questions relating to the nomination process.

This is an exciting time for the recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions industry and you are encouraged to get loud and proud through this great opportunity.