Canva, LinkedIn and OpenTable represented on Talent X panel

06 June 2022

Apart from being cutting-edge organisations that are renowned for being awesome places to work, what do Canva, LinkedIn and OpenTable have in common?

All three will be represented on a panel at RCSA’s Talent X event on 9 June that will provide an exciting insight into how leading brands are tackling the talent challenges of 2022 and beyond in innovative and radical ways.

The highly-anticipated panel session ‘Closing the value gap – what clients want and how agencies can capitalise’ will deliver an eye-opening customer perspective on the value that recruitment agencies can bring to their customers in a challenging talent market.

The expert panel will discuss the challenges and opportunities that are on the horizon for their organisations and share how recruitment and staffing agencies can help.

Those who attend the session will walk away with practical insights into how they can diversify their offering to play a bigger role in providing value for their clients.

Launch Recruitment CEO, Rebecca Hartshorn, is hosting the panel session, which she says is an event not to be missed given the current challenges facing both internal talent acquisition teams and the recruitment agencies supporting them.

“We are experiencing one of the most competitive talent markets we’ve ever seen, and many recruitment agencies may need to consider how they adapt their approach to ensure they are really adding the value their customers want and need,” she said.

“This presents a shared problem that both companies and recruiters are facing and tackling in similar or very different ways. The panel will inspire the audience to think about how their talent attraction, pooling or enablement strategies compare to leading tech brands.”

There are sure to be some interesting insights given that all members of the panel work for forward- thinking companies, and they all have agency experience.

Canva’s Recruiting Enablement Lead, Julie Dolan, heads a team that recruits some of the most difficult roles to fill at Canva; a company which has a very particular approach to talent acquisition.

“Julie will talk about Cava’s talent acquisition philosophy and will share some interesting insights around their recruitment of graduates, internal mobility and workforce planning,” Ms Hartshorn said.

“Canva has notoriously doubled in size since inception in 2012 and building a high-performing talent acquisition team and culture to position the brand as an employer of choice in this market, has been critical to this success. Julie will talk about some of the radical ways Canva has done this during a period of hyper-growth.”

Kayak & Open Table Talent Acquisition Leader, Elissa Krajcer, who previously founded and ran her own recruitment agency before leading talent acquisition functions for large tech companies including Expedia Group, has a rare and somewhat unique perspective to offer on talent acquisition in the current market.

She will talk about how Kayak & OpenTable has refined its approach towards working with its agency panel and the biggest challenges impacting the company in the current market.

“Kayak is a global brand which is refining and adapting its approach to talent attraction in the Australian market,” Ms Hartshorn said.

“Elissa leads a talent function across different geographical locations and will be able to share learnings from other countries that are helping the company in the Australian market.”

Also joining the panel is LinkedIn Senior Manager, Guy Davy, who will speak about how the industry has transformed and how the role of recruiter has evolved and continues to need to adapt and change.

“Guy and his team support the staffing sector in Australia and New Zealand and has a great practical insight into how recruitment agencies are responding to this market. He will also be sharing some real- time data and analytics on the global job-seeker market and how the ‘Great Reshuffle’ is impacting the Australian workforce,” Ms Hartshorn said.

To put it simply, this is a panel session not to be missed!

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