Policy, Campaigns and Submissions

RCSA’s policy and advocacy activity is vital to the success of the association and our member businesses. We provide a strong and proud voice for the staffing and recruitment sector across all levels of Government on matters that impact the industry, either directly or indirectly, as well as representing the industry in the media and broader community.

In every discussion, we aim to promote the vital role our sector plays in supporting small business, connecting people with meaningful employment, and driving economic growth. By sharing the important work that our members do, we influence policy outcomes that support their business and permit them to flourish..

Our policy and advocacy work has built relationships with key stakeholders and allowed for constructive dialogues, in which our members can share their experiences, insights and feedback. We work to enhance our industry’s reputation, improve the level of understanding of our sector, and even tap into commercial opportunities.

RCSA's Advocacy and Policy Team are proud to represent an industry that is truly dedicated to improving people’s lives, building communities, and developing the economy around them.

Our Campaigns

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Our Submissions

RCSA advocates on behalf of the entire recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions space by putting industry issues on the government agenda, confirming policy, recommending solutions and building support for action. Below is a list of our recent Submissions

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