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Never has there been more opportunity for individuals who own or operate a recruitment agency to scale and grow. But with this opportunity comes significant challenges. How to best position an agency for sustainable growth whilst balancing risk is a subject that raises many questions for agency leads.

With this in mind the RCSA has created the Growth hub, a regularly updated online resource to provide recruitment agency owners and operators with insights and advice from those who have successfully navigated the scale up journey. Each of these resources speak to the common challenges recruitment agencies face in their lifetime, including: 

Powered by RCSA Invoice Finance, the Growth hub aims to connect the gap for individuals who aspire to grow their agency, but are unsure of how to best position their organisation to navigate the challenging road ahead. Call 1300 710 945 to connect with a cash flow & business growth specialist from RCSA Invoice Finance today.


Latest Scale Up Insights

Blogs, articles and webinars packed with the latest staffing growth insights

Resources for Agency Seeking to Grow

Practical resources for agencies on their scale up journey

Recruitment Executive Networks

The Talent Executive Network (TEN)

Now in it's second year, the TEN is an initiative designed by the RCSA to allow Recruitment Leaders to learn from peers and to drive growth and success within their business. Groups of 10 will come together to discuss business, industry and executive development in a high-trust collaborative environment. The TEN’s will be curated to promote open and supportive discussion where diversity and new ideas will be promoted and respected.

Groups will be made up of individuals from a variety of business sizes and sectors, and while care will be taken to avoid direct competitors being grouped, constructively challenging dialogue will be encouraged. Within the TENs you will grow and succeed as part of an intimate community of leaders.

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The Talent Operations Network

The Talent Operations Network (TON) is a new initiative, inspired by the RCSA Talent Executive Network, to allow Operational Leads within recruitment agencies gain insights around best practice to drive growth and success within their organisations. Groups of approximately 10 will come together to learn about industry issues and how to best maneuver their people and processes to respond to these challenges. Each session will be topic led with key operational themes covered by our expert facilitators to promote open and supportive discussion where diversity and new ideas will be promoted and respected.

Groups will be made up of individuals from a variety of business sizes and sectors, and while care will be taken to avoid direct competitors being grouped together.

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Our Scale Up Experts

RCSA Invoice Finance
RCSA Invoice Finance, the industry’s leading cash flow solution, is a culmination of our partnership with ScotPac Business Finance, the provider of choice to over 300 staffing and recruitment firms across Australia and New Zealand.

RCSA Invoice Finance offers a solution to the cash flow pressures faced by staffing companies who invoice their clients on payment terms, but need to pay contractors weekly or fortnightly. It’s an effective solution to manage day to day cash flow, pay for one-off purchases and has been most effective in facilitating business growth with invoice finance clients growing 3x GDP.

Our wide range of tailor-made cash flow solutions suit recruitment businesses at different business stages and sizes (start-up to established) with facilities starting at $10K to up to $100m, without requiring the family home as security.

RCSA Insurance
RCSA has partnered with Ardrossan Insurance Brokers and together we have formed RCSA Insurance, an offering that will fight to negotiate the best premiums and policy coverage for RCSA Corporate Members.

We guarantee a premium reduction of 15% (*conditions apply) - Exclusive to RCSA Corporate Members only.

We will negotiate the best premiums and policy coverage (based on the combination of Premium and risk) - customised to your specific business needs.

Prime Super
Prime Super is a profit-to-members super fund who has provided super and retirement solutions to Australians for over 20 years.

Prime Super is excited to be the RCSA’s principal partner and we look forward to building a long-term partnership. Click here to learn more about Prime Super.

888X takes an innovative, agile and positive approach to business transformation and improvement. We are focussed on, and committed to, our client’s business success. Our expert business advice is delivered with optimism and encouragement. 888X embraces efficient, digital tools that reduce costs and increase revenue. We like to start with the end in mind, looking forward usually on a 3-year horizon, set the vision and strategy that underpins growth and value creation. We focus on maximising value for shareholders through optimising business operations and earnings. We provide support in the form of M&A advisory for owners in either a divestment or an acquisition scenario.