Welcome to our new website

What's new? 

We're excited to announce that we've launched our new website.

You may have noticed the new look and feel, but we wanted to point out the key areas we have focused on during this upgrade to improve your online experience with us. 

1. Simple, user-friendly layout!

Get the information, services and products you need quickly and easily. All logged-in users now have a dashboard available in the top website menu to monitor event and training attendance, plan your upcoming events and training opportunities and to stay up-to-date with membership renewal.

2. Website from any device!

The website is now device responsive. View it on your mobile phone and tablet, as well as a range of different sized laptops and screens. 

3. Easy, quick event and training registration!

Event/training search functionality and registration has been upgraded so that booking your next event or training opportunity is quick and easy.

4. Online ordering and payments!

Order business resources through our new online store. Our business resources have been simplified to the most useful and relevant and we will continue to build, refine and update this library going forward to ensure we are providing the most up-to-date business resources for Members.

Thank you to our Members

Thank you to you, Members of the RCSA, for continuing to support your industry association. The changes reflected in this new website are part of our our long standing commitment to improve your online membership experience.

Thank you also to our Member/Partner user group, who were involved in the feedback, development and testing of our new website. 

We always welcome your feedback as members, so please contact us  so we can continue to improve your online experience.