‘Recruiters transform lives’ media campaign

RCSA is exceptionally proud of how our individual and corporate members improve lives, communities and the economies.  When recruitment and on-hire services are delivered professionally and with empathy, we give work opportunities to the unemployed, promotion opportunities to the employed and career progression to managers and executives.  When individuals are given opportunities for employment and career progression they are empowered and build self-belief.  Such self-belief lies at the heart of good and prosperous communities and the work such individuals do, and the leadership they provide, contributes to strong and robust economic conditions.

Great recruiters improve lives, build businesses and underpin community confidence every day.

The RCSA Recruiters Transform Lives media campaign collates stories of the great work our members do each day, to educate candidates, clients, governments and the public about our important social and economic contribution.

If you wish to tell your story with pride then contact info@rcsa.com.au  for more information.

View our growing video library of RCSA Members and Candidates involved in the Recruiters Transform Lives campaign.

Jenet Cennet Depke MRCSA and Alice Mak - A special "Recruiters Transform lives" video story

"On a personal level, Alice and I are naturally in sync with each other. We would finish each other's sentences, laugh or cry at the same things and think the same thoughts out loud. We are both spiritual humanitarians. Whenever we worked together, there was an inspirational, positive ambience in the air at J.D's.  

On a professional level, the fundamental key to developing our relationship is trust and goodwill. Alice and I genuinely believe in each other's potentials and intentions to always work for the highest good of humanity, and for our clients' business which is the icing on the cake. I would mentor and coach Alice, teaching her values, ethics and professional mannerisms. Alice would in turn bring new delights and teachings to me that I had never known before, which is priceless. 

It is through this open minded acceptance of each other and reciprocal good intentions that our relationship had flourished. My special relationship with Alice just continues to blossom every week more and more as we continue to enrich each others lives. The greatest honour is to be able to continue our relationship after she departed from J.D's to commence working as a lawyer. The foundations of our journey is as a result of the special path we both travelled on at J.D's - and we both feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with each other....long may our relationship continue! " Jenet Cennet Depke MRCSA

Jenet Cennet Depke is founder/Managing Director of J.D's Personnel, a holistic boutique Executive Search and Recruitment Agency established in 1984, specialising in Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Digital,  Corporates and top FMCG co's. And for over three decades J.D's has been recognised for their high quality placements: rare gems, for their longevity of the placements and making a significant difference to the candidates careers and their clients bottom line.  In 2016, J.D's permanent placements were also recognised for 50% above the global norm for the longevity of the placements. 

Testimony to Jenet's humanitarian and holistic approach to life and in business, Jenet has been recognised as a  Who's Who of Australian Women since 2006, an honour which recognises the lives and achievements of women from a diverse range of endeavours. Jenet has also been recognized as one of 6,500 prominent, remarkable female Australian high achievers. Her recognition is a celebration of her outstanding and exemplary achievements. A public acknowledgement of her contributions made to the character of Australian society, which also celebrates the achievements of many of Australia’s most successful female role models. Jenet is the longest and ONLY self employed holistic Personnel Consultant in the creative industries.