Modern Award Review Defence

Protecting the rights of recruitment firms to engage on-hire workers and professionals as casual employees

The union movement in Australia believe that the only ‘good work’ in Australia is ongoing permanent employment and that casual employment should be significantly restricted.  This position is driven by ideology, rather than reality of modern economies and global business conditions.

The union movement have made applications to the Fair Work Commission, as part of the Modern Award Review, to compel employers to convert casual employees’ employment to permanent employment and place restrictions on the capacity of recruitment firms to employ additional casual employees.

RCSA has lead the defence against this union application on the grounds that it does not reflect the desire of an increasing number of workers and professionals to work flexibly, and the need of Australian business to have access to a flexible labour supply in order to remain competitive.

A fighting  fund was created to fund this defence and RCSA is working closely with industry bodies which represent client industries.