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27 Nov 2019


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Supporting Candidates to Navigate through a World of Change


Candidates find themselves navigating levels of uncertainty and complexity at a pace seldom seen before. And it’s not going to get any easier. We might call it a ‘new world of work’!

As technological changes and corporate restructuring proceed at increasingly faster rates, many skills and job categories are becoming obsolete. Roles are demanding greater flexibility and the need for retraining and mid-career job changes is increasing; all resulting in an inevitable rise in roller coaster career paths.

The organisations that candidates enter are also facing tremendous change pressure, and the hardest time to lead others is during times of change. It is often met with frustration and anxiety, which (if not well navigated) leads to a breakdown in trust, resistance, disengagement and problems with retention.

 A growing body of research tells us that:

  • 77% of employees are NOT fully engaged
  • 70% of all organizational change FAILS primarily due to the people side of business

When you take a look at the data behind these numbers, you quickly realize that emotions play a big role in business outcomes. In fact, emotions drive people, and people drive performance. Coping with change is not a logical thing – it’s all about how you feel, and your capacity to draw on your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to become Change Ready to better navigate the uncertainty!

There are three important questions for you to ask?

  • How Change Ready are the candidates you are placing?
  • How Change Ready are the leaders in the organisations they are entering?
  • As a recruiter, what role can you play in supporting your candidates through Change – let’s face it, it’s the ‘new normal’!

Do you understand change, and how emotions can either ignite positive change where people remain engaged and keen to move forward through the uncertainty OR fuel a disastrous spiral into resistance, distrust and disengagement?

Learning Outcomes:

  • So what’s changed? What can we look forward to in a new world of work?
  • A high level understanding of why people find change so hard
  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and why has it ramped up to be in the top 10 critical skills needed to succeed in these changing times?
  • Explore Change Readiness – why it’s so important as a measure of change resilience and how can we measure it
  • Learn an AGILE leadership framework to help you support candidates to better ride the rollercoaster of change

Door Prize:

One lucky attendee who attends this webinar will have access to a free experience of a SEI LTC (survey of emotional intelligence – leading through change) report and debrief (worth $575). The report is a 30 page deep dive into your EQ, and gives you a measure of your own Change Readiness

Who Should Attend:

  • Recruitment Consultants & Professionals
  • HR Business Partners
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Director's
  • Those seeking to sharpen their hiring skills 


We engaged Alison for a 2 hour training workshop and it was an incredible session that really shook up my teams thinking! We left feeling inspired to focus on incorporating Emotional Intelligence (EQ) into our recruitment process. Very highly recommend!
 Andrea McDonald, u&u Recruitment

Empire Group has been working with Alison and the UBalancer team to improve the way we work! Through learning about Emotional Intelligence (EQ), we have been building our toolkits around how we identify quality candidates. Not only this, we have been learning how to use our own EQ to build trust and meaningful relationships with candidates and clients. The tools we are gained have also helped us in the negotiation phase of the recruitment process as well as dealing with tough situations with both clients and candidates. UBalancer’s EQ profiling tool was incredibly helpful for each of us individually as well as the profiling tool in the recruitment process for candidates. It adds a layer of conversation with our clients that we haven’t had before.
 Alison’s programs are a MUST for recruiters!

 D Keating , Empire Group

This was a great Workshop that provided an excellent opportunity for sharing experiences and networking. Belinda is a down to earth, vibrant businesswoman. Her friendliness and open style puts those not so confident at ease and invites participation. Great presentation skills and each and every one of us I am sure took something away. Thank you for a great session!
Leanne, Business Owner and Administrator

Meet the facilitator: Alison Lalieu

 Alison Lalieu is a brain-based NeuroLeadership Coach, who is deeply passionate about blending Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) and Life Balance concepts into a holistic, transformational and life changing Executive Coaching experience. As CEO of UBalancer Solutions, Alison is dedicated to super-charging the effectiveness of business leaders across Australia; through her coaching, Alison s leading the pack by opening her clients eyes to the limitless possibilities that lie before them. Alison brings a lot of neuroscience to her coaching, to help her clients understand how their brains work and how that knowledge helps them lead from a position of influence.
As the only certified Six Seconds EQ Practitioner in Queensland, Alison is one of the most highly acclaimed content matter experts in the state and brings invaluable experience and wisdom to transform the leadership qualities of her clients. Alison is passionate about developing leaders, not managers – she focuses on the people side, and draws on world tools and strategies to improve relationships, communication, confidence, influence, engagement and most importantly performance.


  • Recruitment Consultants - all levels
  • Emerging Leaders 
  • Business Development Professionals

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