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18 Oct 2017


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Undressing Risk:
Uncovering the reasons behind the hidden health & Safety risks to your workforce


You've been doing the same safety compliance training for years – and it's just not getting results.

You're still having the same organisational issues you had a decade ago.

So, what are you going to do differently?

As a business owner or senior leader, your behaviour and decisions strongly influence the health and safety culture of the organisation.

Nearly every business measures safety on the number of injuries. But even if you don’t have injuries, it doesn’t mean you have a good safety culture or that you’re compliant.

Undressing Risk goes beyond what you’ll find in standard due diligence training. We take a journey of exploration to unearth your core current and emerging risks, and then navigate through the best options to address them.

Instead of a grudging compliance or reactive approach to safety, we’ll explore what safety success really looks like, through a proactive, positive approach.

Undressing Risk focuses on senior management’s commitment to risk. Instead of an ‘everybody’s responsible’ approach, it helps organisations clarify roles and responsibilities in the decision making processes towards health and safety.

Forget about the big safety to-do-list that’s never actioned – what if you could focus on ONE THING for the next 6-12 months that makes a difference?

Why the Standard Approach to Health and Safety Risk Doesn’t Work

The norm in many organisations is to hand ‘dealing with safety’ to a ‘juggler’ – usually the HR, Finance or Operations Manager. With their core job their main focus, safety simply becomes a side hustle and they struggle to make it a priority.

Safety is the poor cousin, and without enough time to focus on it, they end up managing injuries rather than taking preventative measures.

The result?

- Workers compensation claims
- Absenteeism
- Presenteeism
- Compliance breaches

The vision work and strategy for safety needs to happen at the top. Safety should be owned by the senior management team – not as a side hustle by a juggler.

It’s critical for senior leaders to make a total commitment to safety, not just a contribution.

The Workshop in a Nutshell

Undressing Risk is the most practical and engaging risk management program available today in the health and safety space throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We use a different, engaging approach that people actually participate in – especially managers who want to do the right thing, but are just not sure how to do it.

Often, safety is only addressed when there is a financial impact to an organisation. We undress the surface-level contributors, and then find all the underlying risks and cultural factors that come out under the safety banner.

We will explore:

1. Leadership Commitment and Investment
2. Worker Engagement and Cost Impact
3. Exposure Hot Spots
4. Cultivating a Healthy Safety Culture
5. A Practical Approach to Risk Management
6. Checking In and Checking Up Outcome

This program will inspire and challenge you and your team to deliver progressive safety leadership.

You’ll change the approach to how you measure safety and define ‘safety success’ in your business, to build a solid safety system that is freestanding, strong, and attractive to the workforce.

Participants will leave the program with new insights, and actionable tools and methods tailored to their business that they can implement immediately.


An two (2) hour video workshop

Who Should Attend:

Owners, Senior Managers and Decision Makers

Meet the facilitator: AMY TOWERS  - Speaker | Trainer | Mentor | Coach

As a Health and Safety Risk Management Expert, Amy helps senior managers and decision makers to navigate compliance and intelligently manage their unique core risks, so health and safety is entwined into the business - and not just a side hustle.

With 15 years’ experience solving complex health and safety problems, Amy delivers the most practical and engaging risk management programs throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Instead of focusing on surface level issues, she help leaders see their unique opportunities to dig deeper and address high claims, absenteeism or presenteeism through their own commitment to safety culture.

15 Years' Experience: Principal Consultant, Safety & Risk Consultant, Work Safety Consultant, OHS Coordinator and OHS Advisor

Specialties: System Design & Implementation, Risk Management Programs, Senior Management Due Diligence and Coaching & Mentoring 


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