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What we can do for you:

RCSA Learning and Development (RCSA L&D) encompasses a wide range of training options to improve the skills and capabilities of professionals in the recruitment & staffing industry. Our goal at RCSA is to help our members improve all aspects of their professionalism.

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Pillars to Learning:

In order to cater to the differing needs of our members the RCSA has adopted a three pillar learning model. This model allows individuals to identify the best L&D content for them based on their level of experience in the recruitment & staffing industry. Additionally the model provides a professional pathway that individuals can use to map out their career journey. Our three pillars are:

    Induction & Orientation 
    To provide those new to the industry with a core understanding of industry specific concepts and issues.

    Complete Core Training 
    To help those established in the industry maintain a strong understanding of contemporary recruitment consulting functions while exploring their links to strategic management.

    Build Specialised Skills 
    To provide targeted and comprehensive training options for emerging and developing leaders.



Recruitment Consulting Certificate (RCC):

The RCSA RCC is invested in providing novice recruiters a comprehensive training experience for consultants new to the industry and or with less than six months experience in recruitment.  The purpose of the program is to offer new entrants’ mandatory knowledge and an understanding of industry specific concepts.

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Webinars provide learning in a digital and easy to digest format without compromising on quality. RCSA webinars are a key option when creating your blended learning environment; they create powerful feedback loops and enable the learner to develop new competencies that can be taken back into the workplace, all without having to leave the comfort of their own desk. To view our upcoming webinars please click here.


For more intensive learning RCSA provides workshops delivered by experienced facilitators in a classroom environment. These sessions allow participants to partake in focused face-to-face learning in a collaborative and interactive setting. To view our upcoming workshops please click here.

Video Workshops:

Video workshops are long-form online sessions that act as a happy medium between webinars and workshops. RCSA has adjusted the learning content and delivery time for these sessions to accommodate individuals who may be regionally based or simply those who prefer an adaptive and accessible learning option. To view our upcoming video workshops please click here.


E-learning allows members to learn in their own time through combining quality content with online flexibility. RCSA e-learning topics are designed to deliver learning in a way that is structured, scalable and open. Compile your own on-boarding induction program using the RCSA LMS suite of topics or create your own bespoke workplace learning program that fits around your needs and commitments. To view our E-Learning options please click here.

Continuing Professional Development:

The RCSA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program is an industry education model.  The model is a pathway for individual recognition towards Professional Accreditation as an Accredited Professional (APRCSA); Member (MRCSA) or Fellow (FRCSA). Click here to access the CPD Info Kit.

PEARL Mentoring Program

The Professional, Emerging & Aspiring Recruitment Leaders (PEARL) Mentoring program is an industry-wide program for recruiters with the goal of developing future leaders in our industry. Mentees that are seeking to take the next step in their career are provided with the opportunity to be mentored by an industry leader. In turn Mentors are given a unique opportunity to reflect on their own practices and pass on industry knowledge. To read about the 2018 program and register your interest for this year's intake click here.

Customised In-house Training

Get focused content through our customised in-house training. Our learning and development team will work with you to design and deliver a solution specific to your organisation’s needs. Customised in house training can be a cost effective solution when compared to public training options. To enquire about customised in-house training, please click here.

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