2021 PEARL Mentoring

The Professional, Emerging & Aspiring Recruitment Leader (PEARL) Mentoring Program helps people in leadership roles and those aspiring to move into a leader role to build the essential skills required to manage current and future challenges of the Recruitment and Staffing industry. PEARL aims to develop the capacity of the sector and nurture our next generation of leaders by encouraging the sharing of leadership knowledge between new and experienced leaders.

Whether you serve as a Mentor or engage as a Mentee, mentoring provides a myriad of benefits.  For Mentors they contribute to the well-being of the industry by passing on their knowledge and experience to others through reflection of their own practices and for the  Mentee the experience can lead to greater career success through the exposure to new concepts, interests and opportunities for challenge.

How are pairs Matched?

Mentors and Mentees are matched together based on their goals, objectives and professional background.

How often are the Mentoring sessions?

Pairs meet at minimum on a monthly basis over the course of a year (1 November 2021 – 31 October 2022) 

What type of support will I receive during the length of the program?

Mentee and Mentors will be supported through four learning touchpoints facilitated and or virtual coaching sessions led by Leading Well.

It is mandatory for PEARL participants to attend the induction session which lays out the expectations to their role and the journey ahead.  Participants will also be invited to attend ad-hoc learning webinars run by the RCSA covering some of the key development skills in developing our next generation of leaders.

Note: in-person training sessions are scheduled for Melbourne and Sydney only, all other regions will have an option to attend an online event. .

For Mentee’s:

Research has repeatedly shown that although mentees are keen to embrace mentoring, they are rarely decided on what they would like to gain from the process at the outset and it can often take 6 months to gain this clarity. On this basis the training and development of each mentee is a key element in the PEARL program.

The training framework for Mentee will be:

  • Vision versus goals – getting clear on your bigger picture and purpose.
  • Understanding what Mentoring is, how it is different to coaching, consulting, training and counselling.
  • The specific roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee - managing expectations.
  • Overcoming the status gap.
  • Goals: the difference between intellectual, emotional, and instinctive goals.
  • Mentoring process – how it works, who’s responsible for what.
  • The Flow: before the first meeting, during meetings, between meetings.
  • Maintaining the mentoring relationship.
  • Owning your role and taking full responsibility.

For Mentors:

According to the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) President, David Clutterbuck (2015) “A mentor has context specific expertise or the knowledge and skills to apply these in supporting the learning of others in a non-directive coaching style”. Leading Well have discovered over the years that often these skills require development even in the most successful of leaders!

For Mentors who are imparting these necessary skills, they will be supported through key touch point workshops where these skills can be brought and put to use within their own organisational teams. RCSA recognises the time mentors put in ‘giving back’ to the industry and who are generously giving of their own time.

The following topics are covered in the mentoring skills training to ensure mentors are equipped to not only consistently manage their mentoring relationship but also to conduct a true mentoring conversation:

  • Understanding what mentoring is, how it is different to coaching, training, and counselling.
  • The two dimensions of mentoring relationship and mentoring program outcomes and process with an emphasis on the relationship aspects.
  • The specific roles and responsibilities of the mentor and mentee.
  • Key steps to running a mentoring meeting.
  • Development of the mentor/mentee relationship.
  • Overcoming the status gap.
  • Critical communication skills for effective mentoring.
  • Key components of the mentoring process (Awareness, Reflection, Choice, Action) and what will challenge my individual style.
  • Development of the mentor/mentee relationship: from initiation to conclusion.

Marketing Testimonials

Hannah Deady, 2021 Rec Prof of the Year (2020 Mentee)

I have been fortunate enough to take part in the Pearl RCSA Mentor Program on 2x occasions, and my experience for the year 2020-21 has again been such a positive one as I was paired with the amazing James Scott, who has a wealth of Recruitment experience and knowledge.

I meet with him at least once a month, and it was great to have someone outside of my organisation who was genuinely invested in my career development and goals. Every month I had at least 1 challenge I was facing, and James my mentor, listened, made me feel comfortable, and gave exceptional advice.

This year has been one of my best professionally; doubling my team and winning the RCSA Recruitment Professional of the Year award, and being on this program has assisted me with this.

I am so grateful my Directors at MAYDAY are invested in my development and put me on this program, and would personally recommend all agency owners to look at putting their consultants on the RCSA Mentor program – It definitely added value to both my personal and professional development

Paul Conway (2020 Mentee)

Q - What are some of the most memorable moments from your experiences in the program?

The remote aspect of meeting my Mentor for the first time over an online meeting. Being 2020, everything was remote as Victoria was in full lockdown. Another memorable moment was perhaps the guidance around some of the tougher decisions I had to make, not only as a recruiter, but now as a business owner. My mentor was really good at sharing his experiences with me and that was a huge sense of comfort knowing that I wasn’t doing anything that hadn’t or couldn’t be done. Of course, I remember my first face to face meeting very well, because that was my first chance at shaking this persons hand. The person that had helped me with so many situations and questions over the past 6 months, it was great to just say thank you in person.

Q - What advice can you provide to those looking to launch their careers in HR and find a stronger sense of confidence in the industry?

Training, advice and resilience. Training for me was the most important part of my success so far, without that I wouldn’t have any structure or knowledge around what I do every day, so get as much of it as you can. Advice – well that’s where it is crucial to have one or even three mentors. As with anything, I think it’s usually good to get three sources of information/advice before making a decision and resilience is purely because in this industry, you are dealing people and whilst it’s fun dealing with people, sometimes it can be difficult, but with great training and sound advice, it’s easy to overcome any situation.

Q - What have you personally gained from the PEARL program and from working with your mentor?

Talking resolves all issues. I leaned on my mentor tremendously at times and got some really good advice, which in turn helped me make some really good decisions. Not only for decisions, but for the general networking of discussing topics with someone in the same industry, who understands what you are talking about, but from an impartial perspective without bias.

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2021 Program Key Dates

Applications open
July 2021
Applications close 8 October 2021
Announcement of Matched Pairs 1 November 2021
Skills Training TBC Online
16 November Melbourne
17 November Sydney
Pulse Check Training 10 February Online
15 February Melbourne
16 February Sydney
Mid-Point Training  3 May Online
11 May Melbourne
12 May Sydney
Onwards & Upwards July 2022 dates to be advised
*12 month program length as a guide


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Click here to download the RCSA Mentoring Information Kit

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