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Our 2 hour  video workshops have been designed to provide RCSA members with a personalised training experience at work or in your own home without the travel, time and cost of attending an off site workshop. 

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Paul Slezak, Cofounder and Head of Marketplace at RecruitLoop brings 5 Video Workshops for all RCSA members. Covering a number of topics that will help build your recruitment business, team and skills.

Join Paul on any one of these Video Workshops:

1. Driving Value through Recruitment Metrics

For some recruiters "metrics" is a swear word. For others, it’s a coveted term and they live and breathe by these strategic measures.

As a recruiter, how do you know which metrics are the most important to measure, and why? Do the metrics you use today drive the right behaviours? In this workshop you will learn what recruiting metrics are and why they are crucial in today's shifting recruitment landscape. You will also gain a better insight in to how recruitment metrics can actually visibly depict how efficient you are as a recruiter and also how effectively you are working with your clients.

Who Should Attend

Great for new recruiters, but also a great refresher for more experienced consultants. 

2. Setting up and building a Recruitment business 

Have you recently gone out on your own? Taken the plunge to not just build a successful desk, but to build your own successful recruitment business? Feeling somewhat overwhelmed? Rest assured you are not alone! 

No doubt you have already mastered the recruitment part - or you wouldn't have taken the risk to set up shop! But how about all the other essential elements that keep a recruitment business humming?

Forecasting; budgeting; managing a P&L; marketing and building a pipeline as well as your brand; knowing when and who to hire; determining what complementary skill-sets you need in the business; knowing when time is right to work on the business vs in the business, etc. Don't panic! There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This interactive Q&A style workshop is a perfect introduction for anyone who has recently opened their own agency. The perfect opportunity to ask anything to an industry veteran who has built agency businesses around the world as well as his own recruitment business that today has over 4,000 recruiters working with clients in 70+ counties.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideally for business owners - a great refresher for even the most experienced people managers.

3. What makes a successful team tick

One of the many dangers in running a recruitment team is the tendency to rely on one or two big billers to carry the team along. What happens if the “money machines” have a bad month, or worse still when (not if) they leave? 

For anyone running a team of recruiters it’s essential that the team works together and where possible that there is a fairly even contribution towards the revenue goal. 
What makes a team of tenacious, driven, ambitious, and often egotistical individuals tick? It may surprise you but it’s actually a lot more than just inflated base salaries or a lucrative bonus structure.

4. How to Source and attract multigenerational talent in a tight labour market

Today’s recruiters are expected to be equal part hunter and gatherer - to find 'unfindable’ talent, and bring them ´home’ to an organisation that fits. However for the first time in history we are dealing with prospective talent from five generations, which can prove incredibly valuable but can also present challenges for any growing organisation. 

Now is the time to shine the spotlight on our sourcing processes to ensure they are not a barrier to attracting and engaging prospective talent in today’s incredibly tight labor market. 

While most ´talent managers’ are aware of the generational differences, few of us have really embraced them, and are yet to nail the art of modulating our behaviour as a sourcer or recruiter in 2017 depending on whom we are trying to engage and lure into our talent community. 

In this video workshop you will learn:

- How to start thinking like an online marketer in order to appeal to the unique needs of each generational segment
- How to create multi-faceted sourcing strategies and outreach messaging capable of attracting the best talent from diverse backgrounds and different generations
- How to modulate your behaviour as a sourcer / recruiter depending on whom you are trying to engage
- How to integrate a multi-generational sourcing strategy with your employer brand; and
- How to ensure a positive candidate experience and positive ROI through a multi-faceted souring strategy. 

Who Should Attend:

Permanent, Temporary and Contract Recruitment Consultants at all levels. This is a great refresher for even the most seasoned recruiters out there

5. How to hang on to refocus, and build your business in an ever changing market

As recruiters we can often get very carried away with the notion of winning new business. But once the excitement of the chase and the thrill of the win are behind us (and we've put the fee up on the board), the once all-important clients often experience a serious case of neglect. 

When did you last ask yourself how well you really know your clients? Are your KPIs intrinsically linked to your customers' needs or to what your organisation needs? How much repeat business do you see from your clients? Or are you constantly under pressure to find new business? The market is changing constantly and we need to be able to hold our ground and continue to develop relationships with our existing clients as opposed to always feeling like we're on the hunt. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What "value" really means - to you, your clients and your candidates;
  • How to set service related goals and targets alongside your sales goals and targets;
  • How to build stronger relationships and create better customer experiences;
  • That it is possible to increase your fees without the need for any more new business development; and
  • How to raise your level of credibility in the eyes of your clients  

Who Should Attend:

Permanent, Temporary and Contract Recruitment Consultants at all levels This is a great refresher for even the most seasoned recruiters out there 

Meet our facilitator Paul Slezak

Paul Slezak has seen success in the highly competitive recruitment and advertising industries in Australia and Hong Kong by applying his professionalism, drive and creativity to develop and deliver solutions that exceed business expectation, and push the boundaries to create innovative solutions. He was able to forge a presence in these markets by demonstrating the ability to inspire key decision makers, executive management, clients, colleagues and team members alike through his passion, enthusiasm and commitment towards all those with whom he comes into contact.

With nearly 25 years in the recruitment industry and having worked for both an international publicly listed group as well as a global niche recruitment business, Paul has been a hands-on recruiter, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and regular speaker for the industry across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America. Paul is also a regular freelance journalist and presenter at Universities. One day he would still really like to host his own talk show!, mentor, and regular speaker for the industry across Australia.


Video Workshop delivered via Zoom video conferencing
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Web-cam and audio requirements are a must
We strongly suggest you book a meeting room or office as this will be a highly interactive session that may not be suitable for passers by

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Click on our learning and events calendar to see when these Video Workshops are running.

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