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The 2020 RCSA Industry Awards

The prestigious RCSA Industry Awards provide the opportunity to recognise the best of best in the recruitment, staffing and workforce solutions sector in Australia and New Zealand. These coveted awards are among the most prestigious in the sector and highlight the true outstanding achievers operating in the space. This year there were a number of opportunities across a wide field of categories so that all areas of a recruitment business can be acknowledged.

Congratulations to all the winners for your unwavering leadership, especially during such a difficult time.

2020 Australian Awards Winners

Business Innovation of the Year
MAYDAY Recruitment
What the Judges said:
With new AI technology, MAYDAY Recruitment is building a very technology driven, bulk recruitment system for the future that sees the integration of common recruitment practices into one process line.
Significant off site screening saves time and costs. The ability to present a client specific screened shortlist is rewarding for both the client and candidate.
The success and retention statistics are impressive for call centre recruitment. As acknowledged there is room for improvement as AI settles in allowing MAYDAY Recruitment to build a very powerful market effective tool.

Excellence in Candidate Care
MAYDAY Recruitment
What the Judges said:
MAYDAY Recruitment very clearly demonstrated that they are proactively gathering data on candidate experience, they also have a clear feedback loop into continuous improvement, and are measuring and recording in impressive numbers.
When it doesn't go right and the feedback is negative, they have actionable steps to lean into that and a call goes out to the candidate from the top level of the organisation. MAYDAY Recruitment also uses data to drive candidate experience and that is injected into consultant learning and development.
Clear dedicated time is built into their consultant's day and week to focus on candidates.
MAYDAY Recruitment also demonstrated that they go above and beyond with their candidates through such things as flexible pay runs and connecting new recruits to housemates when they are new to the area.
Key metrics around candidate experience showed that MAYDAY's consultants have a clear understanding as to what's important to their candidates.

Excellence in Client Service sponsored by FastTrack
SMAART Recruitment
What the Judges said:
SMAART Recruitment illustrated clearly in the three defined categories how their business encapsulates Leadership and Innovation, Improvement and Quality, Monitoring and Measurement.
SMAART work within the Contact Centre Sector vertical market- and have set up a Future Leaders Mentoring programme where they identify Mentors and match the Mentees. With supporting examples of the success of this programme, this was felt by the judging panel as innovative and added value to clients and a huge benefit to rising stars within the industry.
SMAART had a theme of educating the market it works within, hosting Seminars in a variety of topics, and undertaking a survey that produced a Contact Centre Best Practice Report - this takes an enormous amount of effort and was acknowledged by Client commentary as a Valued tool.
Thirdly SMAART utilise the Recruiter Insider Platform to monitor and measure its service level. This commitment to improving their performance and quality of services delivered, measured by an external provider, should be recognised and applauded.

Excellence in Corporate Services sponsored by RCSA Invoice Finance
What the Judges said:
Davidson displayed high quality strategic thinking with excellent execution. They showed a focus on improving and redirecting their corporate culture using best practice processes.
The planning effort resulted in embedded change which will improve organisational effectiveness into the future.

Excellence in CSR sponsored by RCSA Insurance
What the Judges said:
People@Work stood out in a field of strong entries because they have embedded CSR into the fabric of their company, its culture and ways of working.
This was evidenced through their social enterprise certification, altruism being at the core of their culture, the evidence-based approach they take to focusing their CSR efforts, their approach to partnering across community organisations, government and industry bodies, and the strong role that they play in the Geelong community, from whom they receive great feedback.
People@Work’s response to the COVID-19 challenge showed great agility and an intimate knowledge of the community they serve. It also leveraged technology and the partnerships they have built up over time to deliver an innovative solution.

Excellence in Safety Culture sponsored by StaffSure
Business Australia
What the Judges said:
Business Australia demonstrated an excellent display of leadership and commitment to WHS Culture and their ability to improve safety performance over time.
They also generated high quality systems accredited by third party to support their business and people.

Outstanding Client Award sponsored by LoveYourWork
Lion (Programmed)
What the Judges said:
Lion has obtained amazing value from the partnership with Programmed. Programmed are embedded in the fabric of Lion which creates a strong and sustainable partnership and Lion could not do this on their own.
The predictive modelling, forecasting, building the talent pool, and rostering are a great example of workforce planning and to have this on your behalf by a third party is fantastic.
The communication, reporting and transparency really helps to deliver on mutual outcomes and cement the relationship.

Recruitment Leader of the Year sponsored by Indeed
Jason Elias FRCSA (Elias Recruitment)
What the Judges said:
Jason Elias FRCSA has owned and managed a recruitment business for 20 years achieving impressive results. His leadership has seen many professionals join and stay in his business, having created a diverse environment which could be described as open, flexible, inclusive and collaborative.
He has been described as a leader "...who brings everyone along..."
Jason has made significant contributions to the industry, often involved in learning and leadership initiatives, sharing his knowledge.
Jason has worked collaboratively with stakeholders, internal and external, promoting the professionalism of the recruitment industry.

Recruitment Professional of the Year sponsored by SEEK
Rosheen Singh (Beaumont People)
What the Judges said:
Rosheen was the stand out candidate for the judging panel, with an entry that highlighted Rosheen’s outstanding performance as a recruiter, her contribution to the industry and her vision.
She is clearly highly successful in the challenging fundraising sector. Her billings over the past 2 years set a record within her employer, Beaumont People, and her strength as a recruiter is amply demonstrated both by her high percentage of retained work (77%) and her extraordinary placement success. She has received numerous awards within Beaumont People and her commitment to the industry has been demonstrated through the partnership she has forged with the Fundraising Institute Australia and the numerous talent initiatives she has championed through FIA.
Rosheen’s articulate, strong and comprehensive vision impressed the judges. Despite her amazing career achievements to date, it was clear that Rosheen is not content to rest on her laurels. Rather she intends to drive herself further through her contribution to Beaumont people, her commitment to recruitment within the fundraising sector, her passion for her candidates and clients and her desire to drive growth and sustainability.

Rising Star 2020 sponsored by Prime Super
Mary Savova (people2people)
What the Judges said:
Mary Savova is value driven and focussed on the needs of others. She is team focused, as can be seen by her market research for clients, focussed on educating them on the Labour Hire licence requirements.
Her learning is very self-driven and she is IT savvy and has made use of the Video my job tool.

2020 New Zealand Awards Winners

Business Innovation of the Year sponsored by RCSA Invoice Finance
What the Judges said:
EncoreNZ's entry was very topical and fit for the times. It demonstrated a broad spectrum innovation that is suitable for many industries.
EncoreNZ provided a range of value in terms of time sheeting, safety external contractors, clients, client’s employees which led to business continuity and confidence;
Ingenuity was sensational, the ability to pivot and create this incremental functionality that became as important as the time sheeting is brilliant.

Excellence in Candidate Care sponsored by Trade Me Jobs
What the Judges said:
ep.education provided an entry that demonstrated delivery of a complete service offering which made the candidate’s journey through the process as painless as possible
ep.education provided solid evidence that their processes were well thought out and solidly embedded and that their people were knowledgeable and prepared to go above and beyond.
The comment about ‘intensive caring’ for candidates was reinforced by the description of after placement actions such as providing networking opportunities which supported both professional and personal connections for candidates who had been placed into work.

Excellence in Client Service sponsored by FastTrack
Salt Search NZ
What the Judges said:

Salt’s entry demonstrated areas of innovation and knowledge, as well as a disciplined and thorough approach to quality review allowing continuous improvement.
The judges were impressed with the NPS results and the business model which allows a deep understanding of the client’s vertical market and delivery of services across the client’s business.
The continuous improvement response discussing the role model campaign, monthly interviews with ‘Women in Tech’ and global sessions on diversity in the digital industry are all initiatives which build Salt’s reputation and which also represent our industry in a positive and professional manner.

Excellence in CSR
Consult Recruitment
What the Judges said:

Consult has a focus on supporting Not for Profit and there is strong evidence that this focus is embedded in their culture. This is highlighted in a healthy mix of give back and a commitment to both environmental aspects as well as broad CSR.
Consult demonstrated so many more benefits beyond financial investment and there is evidence that CSR contributes to their bottom line. Their considered approach to the commission structure highlights capability and not just lip service.
Consults innovative staff travel allowance where they pay for staff to use public transport to and from their workplace supports their commitment to the environment and importantly contributes to their concern for the health and wellbeing of their people. The results speak for themselves.

Excellence in Safety Culture
Stellar Recruitment
What the Judges said:

Stellar Recruitment showed outstanding commitment to leadership and continual improvement within the business.
They also demonstrated a positive commitment to both the mental and social sides of safety and not just physical. The recognition and reward for safety initiatives, show that Stellar Recruitment staff feel empowered to continuously improve.
Stellar Recruitment has a great focus on lead indicators within the business to measure and monitor success. they have invested in capturing information and use this to drive new initiatives for improvements in safety outcomes.

Outstanding Client Award sponsored by LoveYourWork
Spaceworks Design Group (Lynx Recruitment)
What the Judges said:

Very strong evidence of clarity and transparency between the client and agency. Clear expectations, trust, clarity, transparency, and efficiency. The innovative Dual Branded Videos is evidence of mutual trust and respect between the parties, a key outcome being the referral of direct candidates from Spaceworks to Lynx whilst building upon the mutual respect and trust between them.
Clear expectations set at the commencement of the relationship detailed the basis of communications and ensures its effectiveness. The assignment of a dedicated consultant to Spaceworks also ensured that communications remained concise and not subject to different interpretation. Spaceworks appointment, guidance, and mentorship utilising an external stakeholder to oversee their business decisions including recruitment choices and general commercial advice gave another dimension to the relationship with Lynx. This built upon the trust between Spaceworks and Lynx and helped shape and grow their partnership and respective businesses.
There are several excellent outcomes for Spaceworks and Lynx based on having a formal project plan and effective communication. Business advocacy was a great outcome for Lynx and in an environment where trust is paramount there is strong evidence of a mutual arrangement and respect which adds an important dimension to aid consistency.

Recruitment Leader of the Year sponsored by Indeed
Kymberly Tupai (Stellar Recruitment)
What the Judges said:

There was very specific measures and hard data included. Few other applications had these metrics which made Kymberly stand out to the judges as you could see the results of her leadership actions very clearly.
Kymberly has demonstrated huge personal drive and motivation both in her own growth and with others. She has taken that, given back and actively developed those around her.
Kymberly also had a healthy focus on both internal and external initiatives. E.g. the bootcamp with her team and ‘ask a recruiter’ externally with positive feedback received.

Recruitment Professional of the Year sponsored by SEEK
Oliver Sanford-Scutt (Consult Recruitment)
What the Judges said:

Oliver Sanford-Scutt’s personal success and achievement have been outstanding particularly given he arrived in New Zealand just over 12 months ago. His focus on using his skills to upskill both internal and external contacts as well as to promote the professionalism of the industry is impressive.
Oliver articulated his vision for the future well and outlined great goals for not only himself but the industry. His focus on empowering others and growing their skills with a focus on relationships rather than transactions is commendable and will certainly set him up for an outstanding career in New Zealand.
Oliver’s approach clearly promotes the sharing of knowledge and it is evident he likes to lift up everyone – not just his team, but also his company, clients and candidates alike. His focus on making everything a touchpoint in his role along with achieving significant billings is outstanding. His rapid move into leading and managing others in a short amount of time clearly indicate that he has shown up and proved himself with passion and energy for the industry.

Rising Star 2020
Anand Ranchhod (Cobalt Recruitment)
What the Judges said:
The judging panel considered Anand’s professional development and the significant amount of upskilling he undertook particularly having only been in recruitment for 5 years was outstanding. His commitment to engaging in other activities to continue to build his network and stay relevant to the market place – is incredible.
Anand Ranchhod’s industry success and contribution – making the high number of placements he has, indicate that he has not only placed high value candidates, but also a significant volume of people. The awards and recognition received indicate that he is clearly an exceptional consultant. What is evident from his submission is that he is investing efforts in going out, keeping it fresh, staying in front of clients and at the same time, building his own knowledge and keeping his networks intact.
Anand provided excellent examples of his contribution and originality through his legal snapshot and contribution to blogs etc. The judging panel particularly liked Anand’s focus on the future and contributing to market intel by doing the law student pizza lunches for example.

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