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Excellence in Client Service Award

This Award has been established by RCSA so that recruitment and staffing businesses can demonstrate leadership and commitment in delivering service excellence to their clients.

The Excellence in Client Service Award will recognise an organisation that has achieved outstanding results through key initiatives that demonstrate leadership and commitment to excellence in client service.

The Excellence in Client Service Award is a great way for an organisation to gain recognition for achieving outstanding results in tailoring services to their clients’ needs. The winner of this Award will be awarded with a logo of recognition to use on their marketing and brand collateral.

The organisation entering for this Award must be a current corporate member of the RCSA.

Award Criteria 
A written entry (max. 1200 words) or a video entry to a (max 3 mins with no more than 1 minute per criteria) must address the selection criteria detailed below and must demonstrate outcomes. When addressing the selection criteria, you may wish to take into account the considerations outlined below. These are provided to give clarification of what may be relevant to include in your responses.

Innovation increases the likelihood of a business succeeding via a proactive approach to seeking, identifying and leveraging current and future opportunities. Innovation can be the key differentiator between market leaders, and market followers. Demonstrate what is unique or innovative about the service/support your organisation provides that clearly differentiates it from its competitors?

Show your client’s that you are serious about building a long-term relationship with them through a targeted and deep understanding of their challenges and opportunities. This demonstrates your integrity and professionalism and shows that you seek a strong, trusting relationship. Demonstrate how your organisation is looking deep into your client’s vertical market? How does your organisation build knowledge of its client’s industry?

Has your organisation become an advisor and true partner in improving productivity within its client’s business? How are you providing your clients with market information?

If you can continually look to improve your service to clients, they will be assured of the value you place on them and their feedback.

Demonstrate how your organisation assesses its service level? How does your organisation look to improve ways of servicing a client to fit their needs and wants? How does your organisation go above and beyond its usual duties to assist its clients? Demonstrate your organisation’s dedication, enthusiasm and responsiveness to ensuring a positive outcome for its clients. How do you measure this and share the results?

Supporting documentation must include 3 client referees. 


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Conditions of Entry

All information must be submitted via the RCSA website and queries can be directed to awards@rcsa.com.au .

Written Entries 

Maximum words permitted per entries are non-negotiable. Words beyond this number will not be considered by the judging panel. Written entries can be uploaded as a file during the entry form submission process. No hard copy entries will be accepted – written responses must be submitted electronically by the due date of 27 April 2018. The information you provide and all matters connected with your entry are confidential.

Video Entries 

Maximum minutes permitted – 3 minute. Minutes beyond this number will not be considered by the judging panel. Video entries must be able to be viewed via free hosting media. Link to be provided in the entry form submission Your application needs to be submitted by the closing date of 27 April 2018.

What happens if I am named a finalist? 

All entrants will be advised by email if they have been successful in being declared a finalist. Finalists will be announced from May 2018. Finalists will also be listed on the RCSA website at www.rcsa.com.au

If you are declared a finalist it is recommended that you register to attend the 2018 RCSA Industry Awards Night on 14th June at the Peninsula Docklands in Melbourne or 5th July in Auckland at which winners of the Awards will be announced.

Visit www.rcsa.com.au to register for the 2018 RCSA Industry Awards Night or send enquiries to awards@rcsa.com.au

Entries received after the due date will not be accepted in this years judging.

  • Entries open to current financial (paid) Corporate members their staff and RCSA Individual Members only. 
  • Membership suspension or cancelled for any reason at any time, will void the award application.
  • Only fully completed submissions submitted by the due date and time will be accepted for review.
  • Company information as well as the main contact person’s details may be used in the publicity of these awards or associated media. Award sponsors will have access to your company information and contact details.
  • Entries close at 5pm AEST on 27 April 2018. No further extension will be granted. It is the responsibility of the entrant to ensure applications are received. Acknowledgement of all entries will be made by the RCSA within 24 - 48 hours of receipt.
  • Questions relating to the application process, entry requirements, judging panel, judging process, finalise nominees and winners should be directed ONLY to Adele Last – GM Membership, Partnerships and Communication at awards@rcsa.com.au
  • Judges will be appointed by the RCSA based on industry or business knowledge and experience as relevant to the category. The CEO of the RCSA will have final approval on all recommendations from the judging panel. Finalist and winner decisions are final and no correspondence shall be entered into. Judges should not be contacted to discuss the awards directly throughout the course of the open application and judging process and up to the announcement of finalists.