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Grow and Succeed within the TEN

RCSA is excited to launch the Talent Executive Network (TEN) in 2020.

The TEN is a new initiative, designed by the RCSA, to allow Recruitment Leaders to learn from peers and to drive growth and success within their business. Groups of 10 will come together to discuss business, industry and executive development in a high-trust collaborative environment. The TEN’s will be curated to promote open and supportive discussion where diversity and new ideas will be promoted and respected.

Groups will be made up of individuals from a variety of business sizes and sectors, and while care will be taken to avoid direct competitors being grouped, constructively challenging dialogue will be encouraged. Within the TENs you will grow and succeed as part of an intimate community of leaders.

For any enquiries please contact Kate Griffiths at kgriffiths@rcsa.com.au

The Aim of the Talent Executive Network

Share Experience
Get exposure to other leadership styles and business solutions through group discussion

Business Support
Share your business challenges and solutions

Leadership Insights
Develop your leadership with regular presentations and workshopping

What's Involved

  • Individuals who express interest in joining a TEN will be provided with an application form which will ask a range of questions so that RCSA can bring together great leaders in their own TEN
  • Groups will then meet once per quarter to drive their own business, industry, and executive development 
  • Members will meet via online conference in August 2020 and November 2020, with a view to moving to face-to-face meetings in February 2021 and May 2021
  • Meetings will be facilitated by an independent facilitator who will guide leaders through collaborative discussions
  • There annual fee of $1250 + GST to partake in the TEN

Meet the Facilitator - Tony McGinn OAM, The McGinn Partnership

Tony founded his media business at age 22. Over 33 years under his leadership, the organisation grew to operate three businesses with 150 staff covering six offices across Australia, Europe, and Asia. All three companies shared a common denominator; they were B2B sales-driven businesses. In 2007 he listed his group on the ASX via an IPO. Tony sold his business in 2016 and decided to 'step change' his life.

That change saw Tony become a CEO & Business Owner Coach working with individual leaders and facilitating leadership groups. He also launched The McGinn Partnership; a firm focused on fixing an age-old problem for business. This problem was Tony's biggest frustration over more than three decades in his businesses, and in most of the companies he was working with around the world; the problem of productivity and accountability in Sales & Business Development.

Drawing on his extensive first-hand experience of working with many different international 'Sales Training' resources over past years, Tony spent all of 2017 deep in research and engagement with business leaders, educators and sales and BD teams. His focus was on a solution that would address the 'cause' of the problem, not just the symptoms.

The McGinn Partnership have developed a holistic Performance Protocol™ for Sales and Businesses Development that transforms the capability and performance of Sales and Business Development teams.

A highly successful leader who built and ran a business that thrived and expanded in the competitive media industry, Tony brings unique and new insights to leadership and business growth, insights from his deep experience through the lens of the CEO.

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