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Stay on top of operational best practice with the TON

Introducing the Talent Operations Network

The Talent Operations Network (TON) is a new initiative, inspired by the RCSA Talent Executive Network, to allow Operational Leads within recruitment agencies gain insights around best practice to drive growth and success within their organisations. Groups of approximately 10 will come together to learn about industry issues and how to best maneuver their people and processes to respond to these challenges. Each session will be topic led with key operational themes covered by our expert facilitators to promote open and supportive discussion where diversity and new ideas will be promoted and respected.

Groups will be made up of individuals from a variety of business sizes and sectors, and while care will be taken to avoid direct competitors being grouped together. Within the TONs you will share invaluable operational insights as part of an intimate community of leaders. Themes the TON will cover will include:

  1. Strategy
  2. Growth expectations
  3. Financial Reporting
  4. Key Staff
  5. Systems & processing
  6. Legal & compliance
  7. Structural
  8. Valuation
The TON is suitable for individuals holding the position of:

  • Executive owners
  • CFO
  • COO
  • CIO
  • CXO
  • Legal counsel
  • FC

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For any enquiries please contact Kate Griffiths at kgriffiths@rcsa.com.au

What's Involved

  • Individuals who express interest in joining a TON will be provided with an application form which will ask a range of questions so that RCSA can bring together complimentary individuals.
  • Groups will then meet once per quarter for presentations and discussions on Operational Best Practice
  • Meetings will be facilitated by an independent facilitator who will present and drive discussions in the TON
  • There is an annual fee of $1250 + GST to partake in the TON

Meet the Facilitators:
Chris White - 888x

Chris White is a transformational expert in corporate improvement, productivity and growth taking an innovative and agile approach to recruitment and staffing firms for increased and sustained profits. Chris is engaging and works comfortably alongside executive management and boards.

Chris is a leader focused on achieving strategic objectives through operational partnerships & value add. Chris is adept at leading and mentoring high performance teams, excelling in changing environments & ensuring success through focus, engagement & motivation.

Chris' specialties include change management, transformational strategies & operational excellence. Integrating operational transformation across multifunctional business disciplines to deliver optimised value-based outcomes that are accretive to businesses.

Chris focuses on delivery of value-based outcomes in line with the three-pillar strategy approach:
  1. People
  2. Commercials
  3. Operating systems