'StaffSure' Workforce Services Provider Certification

Download the RCSA StaffSure Standard.pdf 
An open marketplace for workforce services in Australia is being exploited by illegal and unscrupulous labour contractors that place personal gain and profit ahead of the well-being of workers and the interests of other industry participants. These poor practices are damaging the reputation of buyers of these services and professional workforce services firms.

The Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA), as the peak body for the recruitment and workforce services industry, has created a certification program to support the integrity, compliance and professionalism of the industry and, very importantly, provide end-users with a very easy choice between good practice and malpractice. Certification will give balanced assurance that a Workforce Services Provider is making every effort to operate legally and honestly in its activities and transactions. The program will provide a high level of visibility and transparency for a buyer of workforce, contracting and recruitment services that they are dealing with a reputable and proven provider.

The program will, if supported by buyers, knock out the exploiters and promote the professionals.

The Workforce Services Provider Certification program will:

1. undertake a rigorous and transparent independent audit of workforce services providers that are required to achieve and maintain certification through initial and ongoing (biennial) audits;
2. provide a level of assurance for purchasers of workforce services and, those in a service value network, that they are dealing with a reputable and proven workforce services provider;
3. provide a widely available register of Certified Workforce Services Providers allowing buyers to make informed choices;
4. be available to all workforce services providers, regardless of RCSA membership; and
5. be paid for by the workforce services providers that seek certification.

The StaffSure Workforce Services Provider Certification program does NOT:

1. require the buyer of workforce services, or those in their service network, to be audited or certified unless they are carrying on business as a workforce services provider e.g. sourcing labour for a workforce services provider to employ and hire back to them;
2. guarantee every supplier of workforce services is certified, as it is the buyer that gives effect to this program by satisfying themselves that they are using a certified provider; nor
3. replace or supersede the need for Certified Workforce Service Providers to meet broader legal obligations.

How it will work

1. An independent auditing firm will manage a biennial program of audits aligned to international standards that will provide assurance in the following fields:

Fit and proper persons running the business
Correct work status and remuneration
Financial assurance to operate the business
Safe work
Immigration compliance
Decent accommodation for workers

2. High risk companies, either identified through the audit process or by the RCSA, will be required to have annual audits until they are confirmed as meeting the certification standard.
3. Certified companies will be listed on an online register of Certified Workforce Services Providers.