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RCSA Preferred Partners

RCSA Preferred Partners represent the trusted suppliers to the recruitment & staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to providing exceptional products and services, they have the best interests of our industry at heart through their active support of the RCSA community.

RCSA Principal Partner Prime Super

Prime Super is a profit-to-members super fund who has provided super and retirement solutions to Australians for over 20 years.

Prime Super is excited to be the RCSA’s principal partner and we look forward to building a long-term partnership. Click here to learn more about Prime Super.

Our Preferred Partners

CompanyPartner Bio Sml
 RCSA Insurance RCSA InsuranceRCSA has partnered with Ardrossan Insurance Brokers and together we have formed RCSA Insurance, an offering that will fight to negotiate the best premiums and policy coverage for RCSA Corporate Members.6d78e073-cc68-4b32-851d-264fbf27ead6
2cloudnine2cloudnineWe strive to create competitive advantage for our clients. Innovation, creativity, efficiency and knowledge are the drivers that ensure we deliver solutions that stand the test of time.9d581977-f418-45f4-ba5b-38ce249ec08d
888x888x888X takes an innovative, agile and positive approach to business transformation and improvement. We focus on solving your profitability and cashflow challenges with the aim to grow your business and make it more resilient and profitable.a13c9b68-7416-4bc3-976f-3bcaef34c9a4
Abbott Insurance Brokers LimitedAbbott Insurance Brokers LimitedWe specialize in risk advice and insurance solutions nationwide. Our goal is to protect your position and future financial well-being by identifying your risk and tailoring an insurance programme that’s right for you70057aad-b471-43a0-b28d-df2e56405468
Astute PayrollAstute PayrollAstute Payroll automates the management of your Temps & Contractors – including compliance, induction, TFN submissions, online timesheets, expenses, award interpretation, invoicing and payroll.848793a6-7d5c-4046-96c7-03dc64afc11d
Bullhorn InternationalBullhorn InternationalBullhorn creates cloud-based software solutions that help recruiters put the world to work.cf5ef6e8-5242-4682-983d-57b521214467
Click RecruitClick RecruitClick-Recruit ATS provides all the functionality our competitors do in a more intuitive user interface, it is differentiated by being the only ISP Supported ATS on the Salesforce platform.579c6b43-b664-4e5d-8f0b-d91c870979ce
cube19cube19The World's Leading Growth Analytics Platform for Recruitment Companies6c0cd017-f748-4d02-b4a6-0169911445b7
DaXtra TechnologiesDaXtra TechnologiesDaXtra delivers significant returns and extra efficiencies to its customers by automating a wide range of talent acquisition and recruitment business processes through its novel AI and machine learning technology.ccc31671-6712-42e0-9617-8b954495b5b5
ELMO Cloud HR & PayrollELMO Cloud HR & PayrollELMO’s (ASX:ELO) suite of HR, payroll and rostering/time & attendance solutions can be used together or stand-alone, and are configurable according to your organisation’s processes and workflows. The ELMO solution allows organisations to manage their54cd6f39-b0f2-4eb7-b508-91b8d9ceced3
FastTrack Recruitment SoftwareFastTrack Recruitment SoftwareFastTrack360 is one platform to connect your whole recruitment business. It's a single cloud based recruitment software solution to help you from advert to invoice3909ac7a-0e6e-4875-ab90-b76c36c6f42d
HealthcareLinkHealthcareLinkHealthcareLink is Australia’s #1 healthcare & medical industry network with a unique online recruitment & hiring management platform that allows recruiters & employers to connect with the best-matched candidates that fit their exact hiring criteria.94da2f6c-5357-4168-9609-46aa9bb99751
iMaven Pty LtdiMaven Pty LtdiMaven’s recruitment marketplace instantly connects employers with the right recruiters which benefits both the employer and the specialised recruiter.6293cb96-e27e-4837-bf06-589bf8cf8310
Indeed Australia Pty LtdIndeed Australia Pty LtdIndeed is the #1 job site in the world55a19f10-6bb8-44c8-8878-33aecacb079f
InvoxyInvoxyInvoxy will streamline your middle office with online timesheets, approvals, client billing, payroll, onboarding, commissions and live margin reporting.3bd73ce7-a27a-415c-b140-8f5835aad169
Job FitJob FitHRM we are all about giving you and the professionals who serve you the tools they need to make the difference between old and new thinking and ordinary and outstanding value propositions.0b3096f4-c2f0-4667-bf9d-00dc337bf1ca
JXTJXTJXT is a leading global provider of recruitment websites and digital marketing solutions. If you recruit people, it’s simple; you need a digital marketing solution powered by JXT.c8b81d34-31f2-4e15-85ed-da97da099ae1
Leedsafe Limited (NZ)Leedsafe Limited (NZ)Leedsafe is a 100% owned New Zealand company supplying Safety and PPE gear.62216404-8a41-47e2-a66c-e925e28a02e2
Optimum Recoveries Pty LtdOptimum Recoveries Pty LtdOptimum Recoveries specialises in alleviating the pain and frustration of debt collection. We help RCSA members achieve their business goals with effective debt prevention, management and collection services.b82d7a7e-6a16-4c1f-8a32-d05a71c4a413
Payroller GroupPayroller GroupPayRoller is a Payroll Outsourcing company specialising in Payroll and Employer of Record services covering the full suite of worker types; Contractors, Casuals, Consultants, Permanent/Fixed-term Employees and Gig Workers.84f5cfa0-9cfe-4a99-b1d3-8ed909b3182e
Prime SuperPrime SuperPrime Super is a profit-to-members super fund who has provided super and retirement solutions to Australians for over 20 years. Proud to be supporting the Australian recruitment and staffing industry.381a5e66-d993-4b92-a384-a32ec4eb5b7c
Prominence LimitedProminence LimitedProminence was founded out of the desire to help those in the recruitment sector respond to changes in consumer behaviour, namely the shift towards digital and social media.32fb3abe-23f1-4eca-9301-6396d9a5b76d
RatesCalcRatesCalcratescalc.com is software like no other. It ensures your business is compliant with Modern Awards & Legislation. It accurately handles margins, rates, pricing quotations & employment contracts in a few clicks.08780136-7129-4dd1-9381-7be1f8b19ab2
RDBnow Pty LtdRDBnow Pty LtdRDBnow is a leading provider of recruitment software to agencies and organisations of all sizes. RDB ProNet, our flagship CRM, is fully scalable and integrates with an innovative portfolio of modular business tools.2c06433c-b556-49ad-9f90-d61fec577692
Recruiter InsiderRecruiter InsiderDesigned specifically for the recruitment industry, Recruiter Insider is a customer insight data and analytics platform to help you better understand your team's performance in real time6819f747-e02e-4ea1-a1be-5dbcbfa8daa1
Referoo Pty LtdReferoo Pty LtdReferoo is an Australian start-up company dedicated to improving how references are checked in the recruitment process through their simple online system.7ddb1827-aee3-4f05-a2f6-1bc1cdbfd9cd
Scottish Pacific Business FinanceScottish Pacific Business FinanceScottish Pacific has been helping Australian businesses to achieve their aspirations for over 28 years by providing cash flow solutions02b8b30b-2732-4323-bf75-2b53ea43d1b4
SEEK LimitedSEEK LimitedSEEK is a diverse group of companies, comprised of a strong portfolio of online employment, educational, commercial and volunteer businesses.35dcce1a-fca4-4310-81d1-9da4f076d7bd
SEEK Ltd (NZ)SEEK Ltd (NZ)SEEK is an integral part of New Zealanders job-search process, & as the country’s leading employment marketplace is uniquely positioned to empower New Zealanders with career & volunteer opportunities to create productive & fulfilling working lives.faed303b-d552-48fe-98c5-f16e3f929212
smartAI Pty LtdsmartAI Pty LtdLeveraging you with the power of artificial intelligence, the Smart AI solutions brings you its intelligence-driven BOTs that offers great conversational experienceeaba1117-f7da-4a1c-b0b2-9b3f157dccdd
SourcrSourcrSourcr enables recruiters to maximise revenue through the power of reviews. We capture performance data on the good work that you already do and help you get it in front of your prospects and stand out above your competition.21da4348-c0b8-4ecf-aab0-4658dcd210ac
Southern Cross Coaching & DevelopmentSouthern Cross Coaching & DevelopmentSouthern Cross Coaching & Development designs and delivers highly practical, neuroscience-based executive coaching, leadership training, facilitation, team building as well as other development consulting services.c9d0723a-8ebb-46c3-a8b0-1ed36bab26a3
Spark Hire, IncSpark Hire, IncSpark Hire is the most popular and #1 rated video interviewing platform in the world. Hundreds of recruitment agencies trust Spark Hire to efficiently connect with candidates and improve how these candidates are presented to clients.a8e24c2c-bc15-43f6-9029-850fd62d0c33
TalegentTalegentTalegent provides engaging recruitment assessments including skills, personality, and cognitive ability testing alongside video interviewing in one platform to help you quickly and precisely identify the best-fit candidates.d84d1b59-874e-4095-8b2f-64c689372e49
TalentTapTalentTapTalentTap is an award-winning candidate communication tool that automates shortlisting so your consultants can spend more time developing candidate & client relationshipsa575e51f-ed9f-4035-a797-b2eebd1edf55
The McGinn PartnershipThe McGinn PartnershipThe McGinn Partnership services B2B SMEs with Sales & Marketing teams from 5 to 50+ and works in all states and territories as well as NZ. The firm is industry agnostic & includes BD transformation for Professional Services organisations.622b5ce6-1e69-44f0-b63c-199d5fc8cadd
TradeMe JobsTradeMe JobsOver 50,000 people browse Trade Me Jobs every day. Add that to our 1.64 million monthly job alert emails, and you have unparalleled access to the right people.fca1d0a0-e178-42db-adef-ebf0e3b45fd1
Volcanic Technology Pty LtdVolcanic Technology Pty LtdVolcanic is the global leader in recruitment websites accelerating candidate attraction and client engagement.66891f3a-0e6d-4a02-a52d-1877de57e854

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