Jobs Finder Queensland - Approved Provider Information

RCSA is proud to partner with the Queensland Government to connect professional recruitment and staffing agencies with Queenslanders looking for work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Jobs Finder Queensland program will help Queensland job seekers find work during this challenging time, by pairing them with agencies who are supporting Queensland businesses and organisations in high priority areas such as health, aged care, customer care, medical, logistics, FMCG, fresh produce and cleaning. To view the full list, click here.

Who can participate?

To participate, recruitment and staffing agencies must be either:

  • A licensed labour hire provider under the Queensland Labour Hire Licensing Act (for on-hire employment participation); or
  • A private employment agency operating under the Private Employment Agents Act in Queensland (for recruitment placement participation).

In addition, agencies must also be:

RCSA Corporate Members; or

  • StaffSure certified; or
  • A Labour Hire ‘Approved Employer’ within the Australian Government Seasonal Worker Program (permitting agriculture industry on-hire assignments under the program only); or
  • On the Queensland Government Standing Offer Arrangement for Office Based Staff Solutions (permitting office based on-hire assignments or placements under the program only).

Participating agencies must abide by RCSA’s ACCC authorised Code of Professional Conduct, a program-specific Professional Recruiter Accord and commit to the following five core service areas:

  1. Agencies will respond to allocated job seekers, in a timely manner, acknowledging receipt of applications with 24 hours and provide weekly updates.
  2. Agencies will conduct business in a way that respects the vulnerability of Queensland job seekers during these challenging and highly emotional times.
  3. Job seekers will be openly communicated with, to help them make informed decisions and choices, even if this means you are communicating that you cannot assist them.
  4. Agencies will act ethically and honour all applicable privacy and employment laws.
  5. Agencies will respect the confidentiality of all information provided by the job seeker.

How the program works

Upon acceptance into the program, nominated contacts at the approved agency will receive job seeker data from the RCSA Jobs Finder Queensland team via email (excel spreadsheet). If a participating agency places or on-hires an allocated job seeker, and that individual continues in employment for at least 40 hours during the term of the program, they will receive a payment of $350 + GST for each successful placement or on-hire assignment.

Upon receiving allocated job seekers under the program, approved agencies are expected to connect with the job seekers as soon as possible. We expect this would be within two working days of being allocated that job seeker. Additionally, approved agencies are expected to abide by the Professional Recruiter Accord in dealings with job seekers throughout the process.

Requirements for entry

All participating agencies will be required to sign the Professional Recruiter Accord and agree to be assessed against the StaffSure standard upon entry to the program. Click here to read the Professional Recruiter Accord.

Agencies applying to participate in the program, that do not meet the initial criteria, will be required to be assessed against the StaffSure standard and to engage in discussions with SGS Australia, at the agencies expense, so that SGS Australia can determine suitability to be considered for entry into the program by RCSA.

RCSA reserves the right to approve agencies into the program, to suspend them, to place conditions on their participation and to expel them from the program.

While agencies will be free to negotiate commercial terms with the businesses and organisations they place and on-hire job seekers to, we strongly encourage agencies to offer terms which reflect these challenging times.

Applications for this program have now closed

For more information

Please call 1300 727 504 or email